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Lakshmi Prapti Yantra

Lakshmi Prapti Yantra

Lakshmi Prapti Yantra is very effective that offers success and happiness to its worshipper in their life. Goddess Lakshmi is known for offering wealth and prosperity. She is icon of good fortune that provides peace, prosperity, wealth and fame. It is believed that if a person lacks material and money comforts, then worshipping Shri Dhan Prapti Lakshami Yantra can do wonders for you. Goddess Lakshmi provides complete happiness and success in life of the worshipper. She represents God’s superior feminine energy spiritual in nature which empowers, purifies and uplifts a worshipper. Goddess Lakshmi is also the representation of spiritual energy. Lakshmi Prapti Yantra has inscribed spiritual energy in it.

Significance of Lakshmi Prapti Yantra

  • The Lakshmi Prapti Yantra has power to diminish negative aspects surrounded by the worshipper
  • The spiritual energy inscribed in the Lakshmi Prapti Yantra helps the worshipper to take right decision in their life
  • The powerful mantras included in the Yantra helps the worshipper to face all obstacles that comes in way
  • It also helps worshipper to gain monetary benefits for themselves and family as well
  • It helps in overcoming debts in life

Sthapna of Lakshmi Prapti Yantra

  • It is said that the Lakshmi Prapti Yantra should be kept in holy place of your home, shop or business premises
  • The Lakshmi Prapti Yantra should face in east ward directions
  • It should be place it on clean and red coloured cloth.
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