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Lepakshi, a legendary place for exploring Indian architecture
Preface of the city of Lepakshi
Lepakshi can be described as a wonder of ancient architecture of India.  According to administrative records, this site belongs to the Anantapur district of the Andhra Pradesh state. In opinion of the historians, this historical and archaeological village used to be ruled by the Vijaynagar Kings. The impression of ruling this village by the Vijaynagar kings can be confirmed through the archaeological temples and other heritage sites of that period. Apart from witnessing the evidences of ruling of Vijaynagar kings, this mythological site used to be controlled by Qutub Shah, Mughals, Nawabs of Cuddapah, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. After the invasion of the British rulers, this site was ruled by them. For this versatility of ruling had massively influenced the cultural and archaeological scenario of this village. Apart from its historical importance, this site is a noted site in Indian mythology. According to puranas, in this site bird Jatayu lost his wings on the hands of demon Ravana when he wanted to stop him from kidnapping Sita, wife of Ram.

Interesting sites of Lepakshi

    • Shrine of Shiva- Among three temples of this site, one of the mostly visited temples is the temple of Lord Shiva. The presence of seven nagalinga is the interesting feature of the shrine of Shiva. According to archaeological experts, this naglinga was sculptured from a single rock. The amazing formation of the carvings by the nagas makes this site as one of the incredible example of Indian architecture. Inside this temple, you will find the ancient Kannada inscriptions.
    • Veerbhadra Temple- This is recorded as the heritage temple of India. This one hundred eight shrine based temple is noted for its wonderful base of ancient architecture, that goes back to 1500 years. While you will roam inside this spell bounding temple, you will find a big sculptured image of Lord Ganesha. The carving of the Ganesha on the temple wall unleashes the aristocracy of the architectural base of ancient India.
    • Kalyan mandapa- This intersecting 38 pillar surrounded grey sandstone made mandapa is one of the major attractions near the Veerbhadra Temple. As per the mythological beliefs, this beautifully architectured mandapa is considered as the pious place, where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married. In this mandapa you will come across the beautiful carvings of the Bramha, Narada, Rambh and other noted mythological personalities.
    • Nandi Bulls- This monolithic bull is considered as the biggest monolithic sculpture in India. This bull is located near the Veerbhadra temple. This beautiful granite made stone figurine is measured 4.5m high and 8.23m in length. This biggest sculptural wonder covered an area of 5 acre of land.
    • Natya mandapa- This beautiful mandapa is closely located to the Kalyana mandapa. By going in this pillar-surrounded mandapa, you will find the carvings of dancing Rambha with other dancers. The amazing fact behind these sculptures is that they are very real looking. Every posture of the dancers is so lively that you can easily get an idea of the Classical Indian dance through these carvings.
    • Ceiling paintings- While watching the beautiful carvings of the Lepakshi temple compound do not forget to view its colorful and lively paintings of ceilings. The unique paintings of the ceilings of each temple, utters the stories of Indian mythology.

Shopping in Lepakshi
Sculpture works- Though we have discussed about the temples of the Lepakshi village, but apart from these temples, if you wander inside the village you will find that the entire village is blessed by the ancient sculpture works. Following this rich background of art and sculpture, local artists also use these sculpting works as their source of earning. You can collect an amazing sculpture work from these local shops.

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