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Chinese Coins

Lucky Chinese coins

Lucky Chinese coins, which are very popular Feng Shui wealth cures, are the round Chinese coins with a square hole in the center. These coins, replicas of ancient Chinese coins, are made from bronze or brass, generally arranged in the set of three, tied with a red ribbon symbolizing the unity of man, earth, and heaven called the Tien-di-Ren.
 These Feng Shui coins attract personal wealth and bring prosperity and wealth in the household. 
The circle in the coin symbolizes heaven and the square represents earth. The lucky coin, being a combination of heaven and earth, is a symbol of harmony and prosperity.

In the Feng Shui, a circular shape represents metal and in a Chinese coin, this element is further strengthened by the fact that the coin is made out of metal. The square shape of the hole symbolizes earth element, which in the constructive cycle of elements, supports and strengthens metal element. Put together this means that a Chinese coins is filled with very strong metal energy. 
The three coins are obviously expressing the energy of trinity that is present in various ways in various cultures. In Christianity, God, Jesus and Holy Ghost, In Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and in Feng Shui, trinity of heaven, earth and human luck.

Tips for our esteemed clients-
Place this amulet in your in your cash books or carry it in your purse, to attract good fortune and wealth, and a constant flow of money. It will increase your income. 
By keeping three coins tied with a read thread, you would protect your already existing income as well as increase it. 
Hang the coins over the inside door handle of the main entrance to attract wealth and prosperity in, and to prevent the wealth you already have from leaving.
Place the coins inside your cash register, ledger, piggy bank or any other place that is to do with the wealth of your family or business. 
In business, three coins, tied with red ribbon or string, are used to activate, or bring in, the flow of money or luck. They may be placed and taped under your desk, computer, or cash register. 
Lucky Chinese coins, especially energized by the team of  ‘’®, can be stuck on the front cover of your account ledger. When placing these coins on account ledgers or on the inside of doors, place them with the yang side up (the side that has 4 Chinese characters).

These Feng Shui coins in your house will bring prosperity and wealth for all its occupants. 
Carrying them with you will attract helpful people to you and receive help when you need it. 
You can also give Feng Shui coins as wedding, housewarming and birthday gifts; it would be a symbolic, creative and helpful gift to give. Further, we double our own luck each time we give some away. This is a very auspicious act and brings positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver. 
Bury nine coins, especially energized by the team of  ‘’®, in the soil of a plant in the wealth corner of your office or home. Symbolically as the plant or tree grows, so too will abundance increase in your life.
As the northwest of any space corresponds to the prosperity life area, the best house area for placing Feng Shui coins is the northwest. 
Place these coins by the cash register or any other place containing money, in order to protect or increase the income at a business.
You may place these coins, in the south east area of the home, which is actually the wealth area.
Never place these coins in the wood area, as  Wood can be destroyed by metal element inherent in the metal coins.
In your house wherever there is lack of metal element, Feng Shui coins can be added to create balance at that place, at the same time protecting the income and maximizing luck.

How to place Lucky Chinese coins?

Before placing this Feng Shui Symbol, cleanse the area with salt water. Keep your Lucky Chinese coins in open sunlight and let it absorb the early sunrays. Now make positive intentions and ask of any wish that you want to fulfill. After this process, burn incense sticks or anything else in conformity to your culture and then place the Lucky Chinese coins in its place. 
Every time you feel that the Lucky Chinese coins has lost some energy, the best way to reactivate them is to place it before sunrays for a few hours. Repeat again the placement ritual, described above.

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