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Madhepura, famous for temples
An Overview of Madhepura
Madhepura is under the municipality of the Madhepura district in the state of Bihar in India. Earlier Madhepura was Bhagalpura district’s sub division. It is a portion of Kosi as well.

History of Madhepura
You need to go back to the Kushan dynasty if you want to learn the history of Madhepura. The communities of Bhant were the descendants of the dynasty of Kushan. Madhepura was also a part of the dynasty of Maurya. The history was asserted in the pillars of Maurya at a place named Uda-kishunganj. The origin of the name of Madhepura is said to have derived from the village Gangapur. This village got its name from the name of the grandson of King Mithi, Gangadeo who is actually believed to have established the kingdom of Mithila. Many people believe that Gangapur village got its name after king Gangasen of the dynasty of Sen.  As Madhepura got placed in the middle of the Kosi River's ravine so it was also called Madhyapura, a place which is centrally situated. There is another view that it was named after Lord Krishna's another name that is Madhavas. First it was named as Madhavpur and then it was known as Madhepura. It was a portion of Anga Desh. It was ruled by the dynasties of Maurya, Kushan, Kanva and Sunga. It was a part of province of Mithila under the rule of Gupta dynasty. Madhepura was under the rulers of Bihar when it was under the control of Rajput. In later part Mughals ruled this region. A mosque is still present here from the time of Akbar.

Tourist Places of Madhepura
There are different places to visit by the tourists. They are as follows.

Dakini Sthan Mandir: This Mandir is visited by many tourists and devotees regularly. The temple is really popular among devotees of this place. The name Dakini is referred to the activity of enlightened compassionateness as a female spirit. The temple was constructed before several years. According to the mythology of the Hindus, Dakini is believed to be the Shakti of power that is known to control the chakras.

Jwala Mandir: The temple of Madhepura is dedicated to Goddess Jwala Devi. As per the mythology of the Hindus, Jwala is referred to the erupted flame that comes out of the Sati’s tongue during the tandavas of Shiva. The temple is really popular and visited by many devotees regularly. Tourists do visit the temple during the festivals.

Singheswar Sthan Mandir: This temple is the main attraction of Madhepura. The temple is situated at a distance of 8km from Madhepura city center. It is renowned for its religious and historical importance. The temple is dedicated to Shiva Lord. Devotees came from different parts of India to offer prayers in this temple. The seven Kunds which were created earlier are now converted to tanks. Some days of the week like Sunday, Monday and Wednesday are considered as very important days for the pilgrims. There lie several myths that it was once a tapobhoomi of the great Rishi Singri. This shrine is popular due to the emergence of the idol which was worshipped during the ancient times.


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