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Mahabalipuram, a mesmerizing city to witness the wonder of Indian architecture
About the city
Mahabalipuram or Mamallipuram is a south Indian city, which is located 60 km away from the southern part of Chennai. According to the historians, this city used to be an essential seaport for the South East Asia in 1st century CE. Most of Indian and international traders prefer to use this seaport for exporting and importing their goods. Nowadays this city comes in the top of the traveling list in India, for the presence of archaic archaeological evidences.
Today while you meander into this city, you will sense the presence of primordial period through its wonderful temples, caves and ruins. Another interesting factor that will draw you to this city is that this city has experienced the changing phases of Indian history. Therefore, while you explore this site you will get an insight on the Indian history along with its architecture as well. For presence of the megalithic burial urns, this place is now entitled as a World heritage site by UNESCO.

Places of interest in Mahabalipuram

    • Shore Temple-This holy place is dated back to 700Ad. This temple is considered as one of the most ancient architectural wonder of this city, which is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. This 60 ft high temple was constructed by following the Dravidian style of architecture. It is said that this temple used to have seven separate pagodas. But the frequent attack of cyclone has ruined most of them. Still now this granite made temple is one of the major attractions for the tourists for its brilliant carvings.  Apart from its construction, you will also enjoy the view of the Bay of Bengal from this shrine.
    • Arjuna’s Penance – this site is recorded as a heritage site by UNESCO. By going to this place, you will find the legendary carvings that depicted the story behind the bringing down the holy river Ganga to the earth. From here you will come to witness the stony tale of the Indian epic Mahabharata and the immortal legends of Pandavas.
    • Sculpture Museum- This museum of Mahabalipuram is decked up with the outstanding collections of various archaeological dig ups, which divulge the rich history of ancient India.
    • Mahishmardini Cave-This religious monolithic cave dates back to 7th century. This site is one of the mostly visited sites in this city. This cave is an interesting religious spot, which was dedicated to praise the Goddess Durga. Entering inside this cave, you will find the unconventional statuette of Lord Shiva with his consort Parvati, Murugan in the heart of this caved. Another interesting sculptural wonder of this cave is the sculpture work of Lord Vishnu sleeping on serpent. Apart from this the Pallava art based carving of Goddess Durga slaying the demon Mahisasura, is another striking part after exploring this cave.
    • Dharmaraja Cave-This 7th century constructed cave is the artistic example of ancient architecture of India. The inscriptions and the architectural base of this shrine cum cave makes it as an interesting location for the travelers.
  • Krishna’s Butterball- This is a giant rock which is balanced in 45 degree angle with its base. According to different historians, that Pallava kings tried to take out this boulder form its place, but they have failed to do it.

 Shopping in Mahabalipuram
Stone Sculptures- Whether it is a street side stall or a branded stall, every where you will come across the amazing stone carvings in this city, that ranges from the idols of Hindu deities to any show piece. If you want to purchase any souvenir from this city, then stone sculptures are the best option for you to buy for.


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