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Mahendragarh, an active territory of Mughals a place of Tourist destination
Mahendragarh an overview:
Mahendragarh a part of Patiala state Dadri territory. The tehsil is located at 28.28o N till 76.15o E. The place lies within the region of Haryana. It takes just a span of two hours to reach from Delhi to the place. The district was formed in the year of 1948 with the formation of PSPU. Mahendragarh was a sub tehsil in the region and later the district was promoted to a tehsil. In 1956 61 villages were included in the Mahendragarh district. The region offers some of the best tourism spots in India that could be a major industry. The district is under the direct control of the district magistrates. Mahendragarh is well connected with all sorts of communication and transport with each other. It has a significant bus service train service and a good connection of private vehicles. The nearest airport in the region is the one in Delhi. The region is an absolutely a border area and the tourist’s can hop from any one place to another with ease. Mahendragarh is having a high quality of animal husbandry in the region and the industry is an exceptionally well organized sector in India.

The Prominent places to visit in Mahendragarh:
Jal Mahal: The Jal Mahal in the region is an exciting place to visit in. The Jal Mahal being a castle in the region is made during the time of the Mughals. The tourist visiting the place would definitely want to come here and pay a visit. There are exciting designs made all over the walls of the “Mahal”, old bricks and building materials could be seen here. The Mahal is actually in the middle of a water source which could be reached with the help of a plank from the bank of the water source till the castle. The tourist visiting the place can duly spend some time drowning themselves into the Mughal architecture which is adored even now.

Chor Gumbad: Another place in the history of Mahendragarh is the Chor Gumbad. The eminency of the location and the haunted form of the house will definitely not miss the eyes of the tourists dwelling in the region. The architecture is of a Tughlaq format which was made as a Madrassa in the region. It is also called a maze in the region. The thick passages and the twist and turn will make the visitors go crazy. The architecture was made in such a way that it can camouflage the enemies and flee if they are attacked. The Chor Gumbad originally was made for the commencement o religious studies for the students.

Birbal ka Chatta:
Another luxurious building that was constructed during the time of Shah Jahan as a mark of respect to Birbal, the building is five storied in form with luxurious halls and large rooms in the region. The terrace of the house is having a well which has a Persian wheel to raise the water level. Many experts in the region say that there are four different tunnels in the house that leads to Jaipur Mahendragarh, Delhi and Dhosi. However there are no substantial evidences of these facts.


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