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Maibong, the historical city of Assam
Overview of  Maibong
Maibong is located in the Indian state Assam. This 1164ft situated city is known as one of the most important ancient city in Assam. According to historical records, this city was the capital city of the Diomasa Kingdom in between 16th to 18th century and before that it used to be the capital of Assam’s kachari kingdom. Apart from its historical importance, this town is famous for its rich cultivation of rice .For housing the Mahur River in the middle of this town; it enjoys a very fertile land that helps to increase the paddy cultivation background.

Tourist spots in Maibong

    • Ramchandi Temple- This ancient temple is noted for its brilliant architecture. According to archaeological evidences it can be said that this temple was built in the 12TH century during the reigning period of Kachari Kings. This is a monolithic temple, which has two roofs. While traveling inside this temple, you will find an ancient inscription of the 1700 period. By traveling into this temple, travelers will come across the beautiful story of the ancient time. Near this temple, travelers will find another medieval era dated stone house.
    • Maibong waterfalls-As River Mahus flows in the middle of this ancient town, so while travelling this town, travellers will come across a wide range of streams. Among all these fresh waterfalls, the outskirt area located Maibong waterfalls are considered as the largest waterfalls of this city. These waterfalls known for offering an amazing sight. The positioning of this waterfalls amidst the lush green vegetation of nature, make this as one of the most attractive waterfalls in this town. For most of the travellers, this waterfalls in an attractive picnic site.
    • Ruins of kachari Kingdom- While travelling the southern part of this city, travellers will come across the ruins of the Kachari kingdom. By travelling this site you will come across the ancient history of this city.
    • Kachari Fort-Kachari fort is located 10km away from this city. According to historians, this place used to be the capital of the kachariempire. According to historical records, this fort used to be the seat of the the Kachari Kingdom.
    • Bhubaneswar Temple- This ancient temple is located on the top of Bhuwan Hills. This ancient shrine is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This temple is noted as one of the major point of attraction for the Hindu pilgrims.
    • Shri Kancha lanti Devi mandir-This popular pilgrim spot is located 15 km away from the Silchar town. In this temple travellers can offer a puja to the sacred Mother Goddess, who is a blend of Goddess kali and Goddess Parvati. According to historians, this temple was constructed in 1806 by the rulers of kachari dynasty.
    • Nature Trek-This forest area of Maibong, offers its travellers to spend a wonderful trekking experience amidst the wide variety of flora and fauna. This forest is noted for having near about 80 types of orchid collections. Along with the rich orchid accumulation, the amalgamation of the tropical evergreen forest, Bamboo forests, canebrakes, Tropical Moist mixed deciduous forest will capture your eyes. Among this variety of flora the collections of faunas like leopards, tiger, buffaloes, deer, and different avian creatures like pigeon, Hoope, Pheasants, and Emerald Love will treat your eyes.

Things to buy

Tribal art- As this is a medieval city of Assam, so while you plan to purchase something for a gifting or home decoration purpose, then check out the prestigious collections of Bamboo and cane made traditional artworks.


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