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Mandawa, an enthralling location of art and architecture
Introduction of the city of Mandawa
In one word Mandawa can be described as the architecturally city of wonder that is located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. The cultural background along with the wonderful mix of ancient architecture gives a broad view of the primordial life of this city. When you explore this city, you will come across different havellis that are enriched with different artworks.
If you are an avid fan of historical sites and interested to frame them in your paintings, or photography, then this city of art is the ideal location for you. The paintings , alleys, mirror works make this site from more than a living place, the presence of medieval art and architecture transforms the town into an open air art gallery for its travelers. Due to this rich aesthetic milieu this site becomes as one of the popular place for the tourists.

Places to explore in Mandawa

    • Mandawa Fort-This heritage fort was built by Shekhawati ruler Nawal Singh in 1797. This site is often described as the masterpiece of ancient architecture. People from different locations of Indian and abroad come to this place to view the outstanding paintings of the walls, that are depicted on the doorways, mural. In most of the mentioned paintings, you will discover the impression of various legendary characters.

      While entering this castle by crossing the arched gateways, you will find a wonderful painting of Lord Krishna with cows. This place is known as the treasure trove of the medieval Mandawa fresco and architectural works.

    • Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli-This havelli is one more example of art and architecture, which possesses paintings of Indra Dev riding on elephant and Lord Shiva with Nandi the sacred bull.
    • Jhunjhunwala Haveli-The exquisite painting of the bullion leaf inside the room of this right to the main courtyard located havelli draws numerous travelers every year to visit this site during their Rajasthan traveling.
    • Goenka Double Havelli- This havelli can be described as an art book of different glorious periods of India that includes the art works that ranges from the primordial paintings of Lord Krishna with his mates and animals to J.L. Nehru’s images. By traveling here, you will dissolve into the glorious past of this country.
    • Mohan Lal Saraf Havelli-The painting of the Maharaja caressing his moustaches while sitting on the royal chair brings a majestic feel inside the rooms of this Havelli. This painting is noted as the key of attraction after exploring this site.
    • Murmuria havelli- A great place for feeling the fascinating blending of the oriental and occidental artworks. For this mixture, it unites the travelers of different countries to treat their eyes by watching these compilations of art works.
  • Gulab Rai Ladia havelli- This beautiful havelli is situated on the southern tip of this city. This is considered as the best-decorated havelli of this city that displays numerous 100 years old erotic images.

Shopping in Mandawa
Mirror Works- The first thing that you can consider as one of the precious for buying is the mirror work embellished clothes, accessories, jewelleries purse and other fashionable options for self using or gifting purpose.
Wooden furniture - Another thing that is the specialty of this city is its fascinating wooden furniture that includes the collections of chair, chest, jewellery boxes, low tables and more to take the essence of Indian art in your home.


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