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Immerse yourself in the rich history of Mandu
About a unique town of Madhya Pradesh- Mandu
Mandu is a small town in Madhya Pradesh which is famous for its rich history and great architecture.  Mandu was ruled by Muslims rulers for a long time and till today the Islamic influence on the art, culture and architecture stands majestically. A holiday in Mandu offers you a mixture of attractions and activities. As already mentioned, the small town Mandu has a great history and a holiday here will enthrall you with its legendry attractions.

History and culture of Mandu:
It is said that Mandu was mentioned in the Sanskrit inscription of 555 A.D, and History is evident that Mandu was a mighty city during the 6th century. Around 10th or 11th century, rulers of the Parmara kingdom named Mandu as Mandhavgarh. It was the capital city of many kings including the Parmaras, Khiljis and Afghan rulers like Dilawar Khan.

Things to see and do in Mandu:
As we have already mentioned that Mandu is a small place with great history, so there are many places which attracts tourists from all across the world. Below mentioned are some of the important attractions of the place. Scroll down and check out:

Rewa Kund Group Ruins:
The history of the Mandu can be explored in the relics which are at the Rewa Kund Group Ruins. This is a small and amazing place towards the south of Mandu. Here you can check out two more ruins and get the knowledge of the historic past.

Taveli Mahal:
Once the Taveli Mahal used to be stable, but now it is an interesting Antiquity Gallery. In this amazingly breathtaking art gallery by ASI, many artifacts from the 15th century are displayed. There are the pretty stone slabs with ancient Quranic text. A visit here will add great knowledge of the historic past of Mandu.

Royal Enclave Ruins:
The Royal Enclave Ruins is a great place to make a visit during your Mandu holiday. The ruins here are kept in a single complex and there is a Publication Centre from where you can buy the guidebooks. Also enjoy some tea and snacks in the canteen which is in the Royal Enclave Ruins.

Hindola Mahal:
Also known as the Swing Palace, the Hindola Mahal is a beautiful palace which is located in Mandu. The palace derived its name from the sloping walls in the side of the palace. According to the locals, this palace was built in 1425 by Hoshang Shah in 1425. The architecture of the palace is interesting and intriguing.

Jahaz Mahal:  
The Ship Palace or the Jahaz Mahal, has a great history, beautiful architecture and built. This majestic palace was built by Ghiyas-ud-din in 15th century. It used to be a harem during the time of Ghiyas-ud-din.

Baz Bahadur's Palace:
Built in the 16th century by Baz Bahadur, this Palace is located just below the Rupmati's Pavilion. The beautiful palace has amazingly high terraces and classically embellished large halls. It is said that this palace was constructed in the traditional Afghani style. There are many folk takes with the mention of the tragic love story of Rani Rupmati and Baz Bahadur. A visit to the Baz Bahadur Palace will give you an insight of the architectural style and the history of this awe inspiring destination. Once in Mandu, missing the Baz Bahadur palace will be totally unfair.

Shopping in Mandu:
As far as shopping is concerned, there are no shopping malls here but you can buy amazing handicrafts from the local market for your friends and family. The markets are full of shops where beautiful souvenirs, show pieces, home décor items are displayed. The fabric and textile products available here is also worth buying. we will recommend you to buy the fabric with art work of the Vindhyachal (Malwa) tribal. Amazing and must not miss it is.


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