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‘Visit Mangalore- the City of the Sultans’
Placed between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat ranges, Mangalore, is the chief port city of the Indian State of Karnataka. Lying along the backwaters of the Netravati and Gurupura rivers, this city is one of the most important ports along the Malabar Coast. The city is set on a landscape characterized by rolling hills, freshwater streams, coconut palms and red brick tiled roof buildings. This port that exports more than 75 per cent of India’s Coffee trades is also a tropical tourist destination, which radiates the diversity between religions and the cohesiveness of cultures.

Mangalore was ruled by numerous major powers like the Kadambas, Chalukyas, and Vijaynagar dynasty, Chalukyas, Hoyssalas, Rashtrakutas and the Portuguese. Mangalore remained a part of the Madras Presidency when annexed by British in 1799, and after independence the city was unified with the state of Madras, which is today called Karnataka. The city derives its name from the local Hindu Goddess Mangaladevi, and cultural demographics of the land are diverse with languages like Konkani, Tulu, Beary Bashe and Kannada.

Places to visit in Mangalore:
Sultan Battery: At a distance of 6 Kilometers from the Bus Stand of Mangalore City, is the Sultan Battery. To implement a strategy to prevent the entry of Warships from the Gurpuri waterway, Tippu Sultan designed the watchtower to be built in Black stones. Well known for its bafflingly exquisite architecture and design, the rest of the fort is called as Tipu’s well.

Temple of Kadri Manjunath: Along with its square temple, nine tanks and its setting nestled at the foothills of the highest hills, the Kadri temple is an ancient historic spot that dates back to around 1068 A.D. The temple is a 4 kilometer long ride from the Bus Stand of Nehru Maidan. The main pilgrim attractions here are the Jogi Mutt, the sacred ponds which are seven in number and caves of the Pandavas.   

St. Aloysius Church: Located at a distance of just 1 Kilometer from the Bus stand of Nehru Maidan, St. Aloysius College Chapel is an architectural gem of Mangalore city. This church was constructed in between the years 1899 and 1900. The main attraction of this chapel is a beautiful series of exclusive paintings and murals that cover every corner of the walls and interior roof, which were created by the Italian artist Bro. Moscheni.

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple: Known as an important pilgrimage centre, the city of Mangalore boasts many renowned temples like Kadri, Sharavu, Mangaladevi and Kudroli. The Shri Sharavu Sharabeshwara Temple is also known as Sri Mahaganapathy Kshetra. It is a pious and outstanding centre with a great glorifying history of 800 years.  

Mangaladevi Temple: Situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from the main City Bus stand, the Manngaladevi Temple is the reason why the city is called Mangalore. The temple was built in the memory of the princess of Kerala by the Ballal family of Attavar.
In the Multi-lingual city of Mangalore the other tourist attractions that you can find while taking a bus route or even if you are a rubber tramp are, Light House Hill- Garden, Seemanthi Bai Government Museum, Kadri Park, Milagres Church and the Rosario Church.


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