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Mauli / Kalava Benefits

Mauli / Kalava Benefits

A red thread known as Mauli or Kalava or Charadu is a sacred thread tied on wrist by Hindus before the beginning of a holy ceremony. The tying of Mauli/ Kalawa on the wrist signifies the showering of holy blessings. It is considered being very sacred and used in all religious purposes.


What is Mauli/ Moli/ Kalava?

Mauli is a 100% cotton sacred red thread and it has small yellow parts between the red thread. Usually, Mauli, which is available in the market or online, does not contain high quality of thread and colour and sometimes leaves colour on the skin. Today the time is changed, introduces a good quality of Mauli, which is made up of top quality cotton. 

Benefits of wearing Mauli/ Kalava:

  • Connects to Ancient Vedic tradition- From the ancient time priests believe that our complete body is control by the wrist vein (Nerve) so if we wear Mauli on the wrist, it helps to regulate the body’s blood circulation.
  • Votive Thread-Traditionally, we are also using Mauli in the temple as a “mannat ka dhaaga” (Votive Thread).
  • Auro Protection- It is one of the best sacred threads for aura protection.
  • Purification in thoughts- If we wear it on the wrist, it will help to purify our thoughts and turn it into positive one.
  • Religious Symbol- It is also a great religious symbol.
  • Protection from Dangers-There is also a belief that the sanctified thread with blessing of the dieties protects a person from enemies, diseases and other dangers

Traditional use of Moli / Mouli / Kalava- Mythology

One day, the king of the deities, God Indra, was very much worried about the battle between deities and demons. Unfortunately, the demons were in a strong position, in comparison to the gods. He was worried about the result of the battle. His wife Indrani could not see him worried and requested to the almighty to help her husband. Indrani (also known as Shachi) was a religious woman, so she prepared a talisman with her spiritual power and tied it around Lord Indra's right wrist to safeguard him from the attack of demons. Ultimately, she proved right, as that day, the gods won the battle and Lord Indra escaped unharmed. As the talisman had the protection power, it came to be known as 'Raksha Sutra'. It is also believed that God Vishnu during his avatar of Vamana tied a red sacred thread on the hands of Ruler Bali to grant him immortality.

Since ancient time, people started using it as a good luck charm or as a culture. At, you can easily procure 100% authentic religious sacred thread without any doubt. 

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