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Metal Wind Chime


A Metal Wind chime is a famous FengShui item used to cure negative energies. Wind chime, is the most influential enhancer to correct FengShui defects. Wind chimes always wipe out harmful and bad energy that enters your offices or homes or transform it into positive energy, which brings fortunein the house.

Goodluck Metal Wind Chime belongs outside the home - in the garden or balcony.There are few main guidelines for FengShui placement of Metal Wind Chime: the number of rods/bells, the material and finally the symbols present in it.If you need a strong FengShui element, it is advisable to use a FengShui Metal Wind Chime with 4 or 6 strings/bells, lucky numbers for the Northwest region.

What are its benefits?

  • Brings Good luck
  • Corrects FengShui defects
  • Transform Bad Chi
  • Activates Career luck
  • Increases Favourable energy

We can place Goodluck Metal Wind Chime in the North, West and Northwest. Numbers 6 is the most popular numbers of bells in a FengShui Wind Chime to increase the favourable energy; while 5 is best for suppressing bad energies. Placing this product in the West sector activates children luck while placing it in the North Sector activates career luck.

One can use a 6 rod FengShui Metal Wind Chime in the North-west area of the house to boost your luck and success. If you want to procure this wonderful product at a reasonable rate, simply visit AstroDevam and place your order now.

Caution: Do not place a Metal Wind Chime directly above the areas you eat, sleep or do work.

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