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Makokchung, the traditional city of Nagaland
About the city of Makokchung 
Makokchung is a beautiful city located in the north eastern state of India, Nagaland. This city is known for its attractive mountains, lush green landscapes, wild waterfalls, sun drenched fields. To explore all these wonders of nature, travelers from different locations come here. Apart from offering serene surroundings, this naga hill located area is recorded as the only place known for the satellite hubs. If you turn up this tribal culture oriented city, you will notice that in 19th century, this town used to be the British rulers led Assam rifles.

Interesting sites in Makokchung 

    • Ungma-This is considered as the 2nd largest village of Nagaland. According to various evidences, this site is recorded as the oldest place in Nagaland. Here you will find the age of AO culture and tradition of Naga people, which are carefully preserved by Naga Tribes. Apart from feeling the essence of the naga culture, this village offers you a beautiful suburb park, and ancient log drum and a Baptist church. If you visit this village in Moatsu and Tsungremong festivals, you will be introduced with the traditional arts and dance forms Nagaland.
    • Mopungchuket-This is an AO village of the Nagaland. In this beautiful AO village you will discover numerous historical evidences. Apart from the ancient evidences, this place is notable for the love saga of Jina and Etiben. To remember this immortal love story and the struggles related to the love story of this couple, you will find a big tower inside this village. According to local people the outskirts monuments of this village is noted for giving shelter to the Ahoms. In this village you will find a museum, time pillar and morungs.

    • Molung-Molung is a well known AO village. According to experts, this village is known as the source of Christianity in Nagaland. This village is located on the Changkikong Range region .The ancient leech tree, which was planted by the first American Missionary, Dr E.W.Clerk, is a notable thing of this place.
    • Changkikonmg Range- If you want o view the brilliant view of the Naga Hills location, then this hill range is the best option for you. This hill range is also known for housing the Changkikong village.
    • Ongpangkong range-According to local people this hill range has coined its name from the term Ongpang, which means higher. This hill range is considered as a border to the AO area of Nagaland. This area is higher than other ranges of the state Nagaland.
    • Langpangkong Cave- This cave is one of the major attraction located near this city. This cavern is located on the Langpangkong mountain range. According to ancient believes, it is said that this cave is provided by the ancient Ahom Kings.
    • Longkhum-This is a small village located near this town. This astounding rhododendron shrubs surrounded village is situated on 1,846m above the sea level. While travelling this city, you will come across the customary lifestyle of the Naga people .Here you will find many shrines, which are dedicated to God Longlanpa Tsungrem.

Shopping in Makokchung 
Tribal art- As Nagaland is famous for its tribal culture, art, jewellery and handcrafts, so when you are in a search of buying something special from Nagaland, then check out these attractive tribal arts for your buying.


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