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Monkey on Horse

Monkey on Horse

'Ma Shang Feng Hou' is a popular Feng shui product which enhances the chances of getting promotion in career. It is also known as Auspicious Monkey on Horse and it represents power, career and speed. The figure of a horse gives a strong presentation of success in business as well as accelerated achievement.

The power of a Feng shui horse increases when the same gets paired with a Monkey holding a peach. Chinese  people believe that if an  image or a figurine of a monkey atop a horse  is kept  then on a definite note it will provide further enhancement in every endeavors of life  be it business or life. It is Feng Shui best buy for increasing the chances of promotion.

By placing this figurine of Monkey atop Horse Career Enhancer on the work desk will help in boosting the career advancement of a native. The peach is a sign of immortality, when a monkey holds a peach while sitting on horse it interprets the meaning "get well instantly".

This Chinese Feng shui product will be a great gift to persons who are sick to get well soon. Relationships between subordinates and colleagues will see improvement and so in turn the native will gain support from professional superiors and also from people whose support will enhance business prosperity.

Placement for Monkey on horse:

  • Place it on the work desk to experience success in career
  • Success will be felt well when placed on North corner of room.
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