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Motihari, the historical town of Bihar
More about the city
Motihari is a small city, located in the East Champaran district of the Indian state Bihar. This place is noted for its contribution to many historical incidents. Among these incidents the Satyagraha movement of Champaran district is one of the most remarkable one which was conducted by the non violence Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhiji. This historical city of the Bihar is located only 55km away from the Birgunj, the second largest city of Nepal. Apart from witnessing the famous historical incident of Satyagraha, this ancient city is noted as a major historical city that experienced the ruling of Videhan and Kushan Empire. As per historians, this city was later captured by the Gupta and Mughal Empire. Later in the year of 1764, this city came under the administrative control of East India Company.

Places of Interest

    • Gandhi Satyagraha-In this site you will find a remarkable collections of relics and photographs that are related to the Satyagrah revolution. Here you will find an amazing Gandhian Memorial Pillar, constructed by the reputed artist Nandalal Bose, a renowned artist of Shantiniketan. By travelling to this site, travellers will get an insight on the Satyagraha Revolution of the ancient period. This site is constructed to pay a tribute to those great leaders of the Satyagraha revolution.
    • Areraj Mandir- This beautiful shrine of the Motihari is also popularly known as the Someswar temple. This pious site is located on the Riverbanks of Telie. This site is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. Every year during the month of July and August, this place organized a big fair, known as the Shrabani Fair. That time, this place is filled with the crowed of the pilgrims,   to offer a puja to this temple.
    • Kesaria Bodh stupa- This stupa is known as the largest and tallest stupa in the world. This 104 ft high stupa was discovered in 1998 by The Archaeological survey of India. According to historians, though it comes as 104 ft tall, but the original height of stupa of more than that.  Buy traveling to these stupas, travellers will get a view of the ancient architecture.
    • Moti Jheel-Moti Jheel is a big lake, which is situated in the middle of this city. By traveling to this lake, travellers can experience picturesque surroundings. Apart from the sightseeing facilities, travellers can enjoy a special boating facility in this place. Near this lake, travellers can find a historical canal, which is connected with various historical incidents.
    • George Orwell Monument-Though we know Motihari as a historical site, but this city is also known to have a deep connection with the English literature. According to historical evidences, this city is noted as the birth place of the great personality of English literature, George Orwell. To pay a tribute to this notable write, a monument is created in the name of the George Orwell.
    • Gyatari mandir- This is one of the mostly visited shrine in Motihari. According to local people, if anyone prays to Gayantri Devi , gains a high level of knowledge. This devi is considered as the Goddess of Knowledge for Indian people.


Stone sculptures- This ancient city of Bihar is famous for its stone sculpture works. So when you plan to purchase something, then you may consider the beautiful sculpture works from the neighbouring shops.


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