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Nabadwip, the Oxford city of earliest Bengal
Face to face with Nabadwip
Nabadwip is an ancient located in Nadia district of eastern Indian state West Bengal. This city was built by combining 9 different islands named Simantadwip, Antardwip, Godrumdwip, Modadrumdwip Ritudwip, Jahnudwip, Madhyadwip, Simantadwip, and Koladwip. This beautiful Damodar River bank located town is known as the origin of numerous lilas of Hindu deities. This place is considered as a notable place for witnessing the birth of the Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
If you flip through the historical pages of this city, you will find that this city used to be the capital city of Sena Empire in 1159-1206. In 1202, this town was conquered by Bakhtiyar khaliji by ending the ruling of Sena Kingdom. This sudden political change of this city gave way to enter Muslim mores in West Bengal. According to historical records, Nabadwip and Nadia district both used to be the seat of the knowledge and cerebral dexterity of Bengal. For a period of five centuries, this pious city used to be compared with the Oxford for its wide spread contribution to academic and cultural backdrop of Bengal.

Interesting sites in Nabadwip

    • Krishnanagar Rajbari- This royal palace of Krishnagar is one of the major attractions for the tourists. Every year, travelers from different destinations, come to explore this beautiful Rajbari, to take part into its different festivals. This Royal Palace is mainly famous for its Jhulan Mela. While you travel this palace, will come across a beautiful temple on the palace compound that is dedicated to worship Goddess Durga. Every year, royal family members and local people celebrate Durga puja in this temple with pomp and splendor.
    • Ranaghat-Ranaghat is a reputed town located near Nabadwip City. It takes 74 km from Kolkata. In many historical descriptions of West Bengal, this city appears before the readers. This ancient city of Nadia district is famous for its sweet dishes and Handloom industry. Apart from this it is a reputed place for celebrating the Rathyatra and Durga puja, with the Dey chowdhury family members.
    • Roman Catholic Church- This ancient Catholic Church is located in Krishnanagar. This church is known for its brilliant construction. Inside this church, you will come across the beautifully painted version of Jesus Christ’s life. Inside this church, you will find some Italian artists’ carved wooden frescos.
    • Kalna- If you step into Nabadwip and its suburb cities, you will come to smell the essence of the bygone era of Bengal. The worthy architecture, literature and other cultural scenarios will appear before you. Among these heritage cities of near Nabadwip, one of the most reputed city if Ambika Kalna. This beautiful city of Nadia district is located on the bank of Bhagirathi River. Inside this city, you will find a beautiful temple of Goddess Ambika. If you travel to eastward directions, then you will come across the 108 temples of Lord Shiva, and the Royal palace of this city. Now these beautiful architectural evidences of ancient period are now under the charge of The Archaeological Survey of India.
    • Mayapur-Mayapur is described as the house of ISKCON temple. This pious temple is dedicated to worship Lord Krishna, Radha and the 8 sakhis. This temple is located on the junction of Ganga and Jalangi River. Apart from worshipping Lord Krishna, this temple is a canvas to paint the life of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, along with other reputed devotees of Vishnu. Every year pilgrims from international and domestic locations come to explore this site.

Shopping in Nabadwip
Religious Buy- As a larger part of this city is inspired with the concept of Vaishnav believes, so you will get beautiful idols of Lord Krishna, books on the Hindu religion.


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