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Nagapattinam, the ancient coastal city of Tamilnadu
Few lines about the city Nagapattinam
Nagapattinam is a historical city, located on the shoreline of the Indian state Tamilnadu. This city is also known as Cholakullavalli Pattinam. According to various archaeological expeditions, it can be said that, this city used to be a major port city of South India. Which used to operate for trading as well as for Naval explorations. Being located near the shoreline area, it is believed that inhabitants of this city used to consider fishing as their leading occupation. Another important fact about this city is that, it used to be an important site for the Mideaval Chola rulers (9thto 12th century).After the end of Chola dynasty. This town used to be operated by the Portuguese and Dutch rulers. Nowadays, a large number of local people of Nagappattnam consider the profession of fishing, agriculture and tourism as their prime occupation.

Places of Interest in Nagapattinam

    • Archaeological Museum-This museum is located inside the 17th century made Dutch fort. This museum is famous for housing the rare collections of the Danish architecture and precious works like paintings, inscriptions that you will not get any other location of India.
    • Dutch Fort-This Danish structure based fort is located near the Nagapttanam city. According to various historical evidences, it can be said that this fort was built in 17th century. This finest Danish architecture based fort is known for its unique architecture, which you cannot find in entire India.
    • Sikkal Singaravelar Temple-This religious site is located in the Sikkal village. This mythological shrine is noted for a sacred place, where Lord Murugan or Singaravelar received his weapon from his mother Goddess Parvati to kill a demon. This temple is dedicated to worship Lord Murugan with his father Lord Shiva and his mother, Goddess Parvati. Nowadays, the Charitable Endowment Board and Hindu religious Society maintain this beautiful temple.
    • Kodikkrai Beach-This is one of the beautiful beaches located near Nagapattinam town. Apart from enjoying the sun drenched sand and lush green vegetation in this beach; you can go for various water sports activities.
    • Nataraja of Konerirajapuram- This is an amazing example of the ancient architecture. This beautifully carved image of the Lord Shiva in Nataraja form gives an idea about the ancient architecture.
    • Masilamani Nathar Koli- This beautiful ancient temple of Nagapattinam is known for its outstanding architecture. The surrounded rocks of this temple, makes this into an attractive site of this city.
    • Kodikkrai Wildlife Sanctuary- this wildlife sanctuary is noted for its wide collections of different wild life animals. Apart from viewing this wide range of wild animals, this forest is known for housing rare collections of birds.
    • Soundaryaraja Perumal Temple-This ancient temple is dedicated to worship Lord Vishnu. Here Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Soundaryarajan, which is believed to be an embodiment of this deity. This precious shrine is considered as one of the oldest temple in India, which has its idol embellished with Gold and emerald.

Shoppingin Nagapattinam
Fish- If you are staying for few days inside this town, then you can purchase some fresh fish from the local fishing port.

Shell works- As this city is located on the shoreline area of Tamilnadu, here you will get some attractive shell made home décor and jewellery products.


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