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Visit Nainital for exploring natural beauty of the hills and lakes

Nainital a popular destination for tourists:
A popular hill station of the state of Uttarakhand in India is Nainital. It is the head quarter of the district of Nainital located in the outer Himalayas foot hill of Kumaon. This hill station is located at a height of 2,084 meters from the sea level in a valley region. From top its main lake gives the look of a pear. This hill stations are mostly visited by the newlywed couples besides other tourists.  Being a popular tourist destination this station is visited in huge number by tourists from different corner of India. During summer season the population of tourists increase at a high rate to enjoy the cool climate of the place.

The mythological story about Nainital:
If we go in deep of Skand Puranas in Manas Khand, we will get to learn that in earlier times the prime lake in Nainital was called as Tri-Rishi-Sarovar. The persons responsible for this name are three rishis or saints named Atri, Pulastya and Pulaha. Once upon a time when they visited the Nainital region they failed to trace out water for drinking and decided to dug a big hole exactly in the place where the lake is located now. The lake was then filled with water provided by the holy lake of Mansarovar. In the mythological stories it is also mentioned that Naini Lake of Nainital is one of the 64 Shakti Peetha where eye of Sati fell when the body was carried away by Lord Shiva. Since then the place came to be known as Naina - Tal or in other words the lake in the form of eye.

History of Modern Nainital:
The hills of Kumaon region of the Himalayas came under the rule of the British soon after Anglo-Nepalese War which continued from 1814 to 1816. When we specifically speak about today's Nainital region then the same got its identity and name in the year 1841. The first house in European style was constructed in the same year by P. Barron, who was by profession a trader in sugar business and belonged from Shahjahanpur. After certain time period this region developed itself as a spot for health resort because of its excellent climate. The British soldiers in special along with the families of colonial officials started preferring this place to get rid of the severe heat especially in the plain region of India. Raja Mahendra Chand from Lamakhet is now the present king of this place. Rani Gita Chand from Rina Region is the Rani of Raja Mahendra Chand. They are blessed with three children, two daughters and one son.

Places to visit in Hill Station Nainital:
Tourism industry is very well developed in this region and local people mostly earn their bread from the tourism business only.

Nainital Lake- This Lake is also popular as Naini Lake and located in the center of the city. The city got its name Nainital from this lake. The lake looks like an eye and one of the hottest spot for the tourist to visit. Boating facilities are also available and people can enjoy the scenic view of the surrounding area. The Northern side of the lake is popular in the name of Mallital and the southern side of the lake is called as Tallital. Lake Bridge connects the 2 banks of the lake.

Naini Devi Temple:  On the northern bank of the Nainital Lake the Naini Devi Temple is located. People of Nainital believe strongly on the Naina Devi blessings. Two eyes of ma Sati represent this temple. Aside to that Ma Naina Devi is believed to be the deities of Lord Ganesha and Ma Kaali. The temple was destroyed in the landslide in the year 1880 and later reconstructed.

St. John Church:  This church was established in the year 1844 and located in the Mallital region of the city. The then Bishop of Calcutta Daniel Wilson, fell ill when he visited this city of Nainital and being impressed by the beauty of this place laid the foundation for the construction of the St. John Church.

Governor's House:  This house was built in the year 1899 and the designing of this house was done in the domestic Gothic Victorian style. Presently it acts as the guest house officially for the Uttarakhand governor. 

Snow View:  Located at a height of 2,270 m in the top of Sher-ka-danda Ridge. Cable cars are available to take you to this spot. You can stay there for one hour and again come back via the cable car. From here you can enjoy the spectacular view of Nanda kot, Nanda Devi and Trishul.

Naini Peak: Naini Peak or China peak is the highest ever peak of this city located at a height of 2,615 m from sea level. The scenic view of the Nainital Lake, Nainital Town and even the Great Wall of China can be seen.

Tiffin Top: Tiffin Top or Dorothy's Seat, is a terraced hill top on the Ayarpatta hill. A picnic perch of stonework in name of Dorothy's Seat is present there in memory of Dorothy Kellet, the wife of a British Army officer Col J.P. Kellett DSO MC.

Gurney House: This house used to be the residence of Jim Corbett, located in the hills of Ayarpatta. Although now a private property, still visitors can visit this place to see the "museum of Corbett memorabilia".

Things to Buy in Nainital:
Handmade candles: Nainital is popular for handmade candles. You can take this back to decorate your house or even for gifting purpose.

Home-made jams: The local homemade jams are very tasty and you can definitely collect them

Apples: Green apples as well as red apples of Nainital are very popular. And you can buy them from the local bazaars to get freshness and good taste. The prices are very reasonable, so dont forget to collect them.

Shawls and sweaters: The local people sell handmade shawls and sweaters. These are of good quality and must to buy.


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