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Travel Nalagarh to plunge into the wonderful surroundings of Himachal Pradesh
Description of the city of Nalagarh
Nalagarh is a hill city, which is located in the Indian state Himachal Pradesh. According to historical record, this beautiful Indian hill city was founded by the chandelle Rajput Kings in 1100AD. In medieval era, this city used to be the capital city of Hindur. Later in the time of the British Raj, it became the seat of eponymous state of India. For witnessing the different phases of historical changes, this city is now noted as one of the beautiful historical cities of India with a large number of archaeological evidences. Though this city is located on a hill side area, but nowadays, this place has become the pivotal point for various industries like leather, steel, breweries.  Due to its close vicinity to Delhi and other major northern cities of India, this city is considered as the gateway city of North India.

Tourist spots in Nalagarh

    • Nalagarh Fort-This 10acres of land covered fort was constructed by Raja Bikram Chand in 1421 AD. The wonderful surroundings and the facility of viewing the Shivallin hill ranges make this fort as one of the most visiting spot for the travelers. If you carefully look at this fort, will find that this fort was built by following the Mughal architecture. The five level of building makes this castle as one of the brilliant example of ancient architecture of India. Along with its incredible architecture, the nearby 20 acres covered orchard and forests will view a refreshing traveling experience in this fort. Nowadays, this fort is in use as the heritage hotel, which is called by Hotel Nalagarh Fort Palace.
    • Ramgarh Fort-This historical building turned Heritage hotel is located 21km away from the Nalagarh city. This site is popular to the tourists for its brilliant architecture. As per the chronological records, this fort was built 350 years ago. The Chander ruler Raja Ram Chander is credited as the key person behind the construction of this fort. This fort is located 4000 ft above the sea level. By travelling to this fort, you will come to see the fascinating view of the Shivalik mountain range. Another interesting this of this fort is that, its 37 ft high door is recorded as the highest door in India. Entering this fort, you will see a Sun Dial, ancient well, tunnels, and different types of archaic home décor materials. The mosaic work of the rooms is something different which you will enjoy after seeing them.
    • Yadavindra Gardens- this garden is located 35 km away from Nalagarh town. This garden is also known as the Mughal Gardens of Pinjore. This 17th century formed garden is located at the foot of the Shivalik hill range. Historians say that this garden was built in the time of Nawab Fadai Khan by following the rich influence of Mughal architecture. This garden has followed the chrabagh concept of Mughal architecture. Inside this beautiful garden, you will find amphitheatre, mini zoo, nursery of plants, light fountains. According to many, Bashakhi festival is the right time to trip this garden
    • Govind Sagar Lake- This artificial lake was formed in the construction period of Bhakra Dam, the hydropower-generating dam. This beautiful manmade lake is located 22km away from the city. This name has coined its name from the name of 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singji. In this dam-attached lake, you will find wide collections of 50 species of fishes. Apart from this adventure loving travelers, use this dam to enjoy the boating, fishing and other aqua activities.

Shopping in Nalagarh
Sculpture works- In this site you can buy the images and different sculpture works of the Ramgarh and Nalgarh fort.


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