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Nampong, the threshold city of Arunachal Pradesh
About the city of Nampong
Nampong is an ancient city located in the Changlang district of the Arunachal Pradesh state. This city is located on the brink of Indo Myanmer border, which is close to the famous Pangsau Pass.  As per the geological statistical records, this city is positioned 308m above the sea level.
This city is encircled by the Patkai Bum mountain range section of eastern Himalaya. This city is considered as the last city of the Arunachal Pradesh that is located in the end of this northeastern state. Apart from offering an amazing sight of the wide spread lush green valley, mountain range and crystal rivers, this places is also famous as an interesting historical town, which witnessed the colonial rule of the British people.
For this reason, when you travel this city will come across some archaeological ruins of ancient period, that are steeped into a rich historical background along with watching the nature and its historical evidences. The tribal culture of this city is always playing an appealing factor to draw tourists from different places.

Attractions of the city of Nampong

    • The Lake of No Return-This 1.4mtr long and 0.8m wide lake is one of the most beautiful attraction located 12 km away from this city. This beautiful lake is clearly visible from the Pansau pass. This natural lake attracts tourists for its marvelous surroundings. Apart from its beautiful surroundings, the historical settings of this lake attract tourists from different places. According to historical records, in the World War II, this lake has witnessed the tragic death of many pilots, who considered this place as an emergency corner for landing their planes. From this grave incident this beautiful lake has received its name.
    • Pangsau pass-Pangsau Pass is located on 1,136 m above the sea level. This beautiful pass is closely located near the Patkai Bum mountain range. According to experts this pass is the easiest option to explore the land of Myanmer directly from the Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from its geographical positioning, this beautiful pas is an important place for its historical background. According to historical records, this pas used to be the gateway for the Ahom Kingdom for the Assam, from where that has invaded the lands of Myanmer in 13thcentury. On the other hand, in 19th century, this pass plays an important role in the historical changes in the Myanmer and Arunachal Pradesh.
    • Namdapha National park-this 1985 sq mt area covered park is known as one of the largest and ancient park in Eastern India. This 200m high park is famous for its beautiful surroundings, which are dominated by the snow capped peaks of the Patkai Bum mountain range. This beautiful park is founded to preserve the Tiger. Along with preserving tiger, here you will find an amazing collections of tropical and sub tropical varieties in flora and fauna. Among the fauna, you can see elephants, tigers, leopards, and golden cat and. Avian creatures like Indian horn bill, cheer pheasants, white winged weed duck.

Things to shop in Nampong

Tribal art- From this threshold city of Arunachal Pradesh, you can collect some handmade artistic creations that include various art pieces and paintings made with bamboo.


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