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North West Kutch


Learning About The Most Interesting Areas In Northwest Kutch
Something About Kutch
Kutch is the largest district of not only Gujrat but across the whole of India. The literal meaning of Kutch is something that becomes wet and dry on purpose and the region is named such because of the Rann of Kutch, a region of shallow wetlands that are inundated with water during the rainy season but are extremely dry otherwise. 

The North West Region As A Tourist Destination
The Northwestern region of Kutch has several interesting to offer to visitors for the purpose of sight sightseeing. These major tourist hot spots are located in the vicinity of each other and at a great distance from the nearest major town of Bhuj. That is why tourists visiting this area often visit all these sites during the same trip and it is also convenient for tour operators and guides to offer all these destinations as part of a single package. 

Narayan Sarovar: Amongst the most unique holy places of India, the pilgrims wanting to reach Narayan Sarovar have to take an arduous journey through Kutch’s barren scrubland. Located nearly 100 kms away from Bhuj, near the westernmost tip of India, Narayan Sarovar is one of the five Holy lakes in Hindu mythology. It is believed during the Puranic times the area was hit by a severe drought. To seek respite from the same, the   sages offered fervent prayers to Lord Vishnu who then touched the land with the tip of his toe in the form of Narayan. That was how this holy lake was created and has since been worshipped by devotees of Hindu religion from across the globe. The lake has the several temples in its vicinity, which were constructed by the wife of Maharao Desalji, enhancing the religious sanctity of the area. 

Koteshwar Temple: The Koteshwar temple is the last manmade structure constructed in the westernmost region of India. The pilgrims, who arrive here, have to cover a good distance in the desert of western Kutch. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple also has a deep association with demon king Ravana. It is said that Lord Shiva gifted a Shiva lingam with great spiritual power to his stanch devotee Ravana. However, Ravana, in his haste, dropped the lingam on earth at this very place. This angered Lord Shiva, who then created countless replicas of the lingam and scattered them in the area to punish Ravana for his carelessness. Although Ravana tried to find the original lingam he failed and made way with a replica. It is around that original Shiv Lingam that the Koteshwar temple is constructed.

Lakhpat:  Although, this once flourishing port city, stands in ruins today, its remains give the visitors an idea of the grandeur that Lakpaht enjoyed during its hey days. Having great significance in three popular Indian religions, the city is also famous as a holy city. It is said the Guru Nanak Dev Ji, stayed in the city on his return trip from Mecca. The city is also renowned for being the final resting place of the sufi mystic, Pir Ghaus Mohamad. It is said that the sufi Pir lived the life of both a devout Hindu and a dedicated Muslim, making the place revered for people from both the religious communities.

Siyot Caves: Located at a distance of nearly 125 kms from Bhuj, the Siyot Caves are belived to be amongst the 80 monastic sites found by the Chinese travelers at the entrance to the Indus valley in the 7th century AD.  The caves are believed to date back to the 1st century AD and feature a sanctum that faces east, in addition to an ambulatory.


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