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Palakkad: A traveler’s delight

Palakkad, which was also popularly called as Palghat previously is situated in Kerala, in South India. It is a large town and also the state municipality. It is also the headquarters of administrative department in Palakkad district. It lies very near to Palghat Gap which is a pass in Western Ghats. The language spoken here is Malayalam, although Tamil is widely spoken and understood. The climate of this place is hot and humid almost all through the year. This is one of the hottest places, in fact, in Kerala, although blessed by sufficient rainfall. Palakkad is watered by many rivers like Bharathapuzha River and its tributaries. The largest dam is called Malampuzha.

History of Palakkad:
The history of the Palakkad city is covered in mystery. None is very sure of its origin, yet some stories that have come up bear some evidences of its past. The man who authored the Malabar Manual, William Logan has to tell us that the dynasty of the Pallava that belonged to Kanchi had perhaps invaded the Malabar area in the 2nd-3rd century. One of the headquarters was at Palakada, the present Palakkad. Malabar then was invaded by several ancient rulers of South India. This region was ruled by Perumals for many years. They had some Utayavars who were rulers in the territories of their own. The region was soon divided in between these chiefs after the Perumal rule. There were several prominent rulers who ruled the region after the Perumals. Palakkad, as has been said had passed on to hands of Tipu Sultan and his Father Hyder Ali of city of Mysore soon after the place was invaded by Zamorin of Kozhikode in 1757. Tipu had to cede all possessions to the East India Company in 1872 to Britisher. Later these along with the district of Malabar formed the Presidency of Madras.

Tourist places near Palakkad which is must for visit:

Palakkad Fort: The Palakkad Fort dates back to 1766.  It was built by Haidar Ali of city of Mysore. It was in 1784, and then later fell victim in hands of troops of Zamorin, but it was again recaptured by Britisher in 1790. The fort is well maintained and referred to as Tipu’s fort. There is one Hanuman temple and a jail which is functioning at the premises.

Jaininedu Jain Temple: This temple is located on the side of western border of the Palakkar and it is not far off from railway station. Jaininedu Jain Temple is a Jain temple of Historic times. The area which is around this temple is called Jainimedu. The walls of the temple made of granite have no decoration. This temple is quite big with beautiful images of the Jain Tirthankaras in four divisions and the Yakshinis in front of them.

Kalpathi: This is situated in the Palakkad district and it is noted for the annual Ratholsavam or the Annual car festival. This is located on the banks of the Kalpathy River. The place dates back to the fifteenth century and it is one of the oldest settlements of Tamil Brahmins in Kerala.

Malampuzha Gardens and Dam: This is located 8 km from the Palakkad town. It was completed in the year 1955 and it is one of the largest reservoirs in Kerala. The place has sprawling lawns and gardens and it is known for its scenic grandeur. This is one of the major attractions in Kerala. Kava is the most beautiful part of the dam where people visit for the pictorial beauty of the place.

Chullannur Peacock Protection Center: This is the only sanctuary in Kerala for the national bird. It is inside a true village and it offers a patch of the tropical forest inside the village. There are many types of plants, butterflies and birds here. There are some other forests too in this area. Pambadi Sree Krishna temple is located close by.

Famous items in the place:
Palakkad is famous for tribal artifacts, handmade which would probably be a good souvenir to carry home. Handloom materials and handicrafts are ideally to be purchased from here. Some ornately curved wooden dolls and images of Gods are available at the emporiums selling handicrafts. .


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