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Panchajanya Shankh

Panchajanya Shankh

Panchajanya Shankh is the holy conch of Lord Vishnu worshipped in Hindu religion.One of the four attributes of Krishna, the avatar of Vishnu is a Shankha called Panchajanya additionally with the round disc weapon also named as Sudarshana Chakra and a lotus flower. The word Panchjanya means something collectively produced from the five elements, water, sky, air and earth.

Few Stories according to Hindu Mythology:

  • As per Valmiki Ramyana, Avatar of Vishnu named Purushottama killed a Devil called Panchajana in a Chakravan and took away conch shell called Panchajanya  from him.
  • As per Harivamsa Purana, the avatar of Deity Vishnu, Krishna, is described possessing a Conch shell or shankha called Panchajanya, together with the mace Kaumodaki, Sudarshana Chakra (the disc-like weapon) and a lotus flower. The Shankha or Conch shell was used during the Kurukshetra War.
  • Another story behind Panchjanya Shankha is the Shankhasur or Panchajanya was a sea monster who lived in a gigantic conch shell in the depths of the Prabhasa Ocean. He abducted the son of Sandipani, the guru of Lord Krishna, Sudama and Balarama, and trapped him in the Sea conch shell. After completion of their education, Sudama, Krishna and Balarama, convinced the master to ask for the dakshina (fees) of his liking. Sandipani asked forthe restoration of his child as his dakshina. Lord Krishna became angry when he heard about kidnapping episode and jumped into the sea to release the son of teacher. Finally, Krishna got success and slew Shankhasur and took the Conch shell for himself. He then named the the sacred shankh after the monster name. Whenever Lord Krishna blows Panchajanya Shankh, it foretells the death of his next enemy.

Panchajanya Shankh benefits:

Blowing of Panchajanya Shankh instantly removes all types of negativity from the environs. However,status wise, Panchajanya Shankh has very high status in attaining all types of Siddhis, especially in Tantrik cult. Panchajanya Shankh brings prosperity, harmony, wealth and material attainments.

Blowing the Panchajanya Shankha is regarded as an auspicious sound at the end or the start of any Puja gives you 100% Original Quality Panchajanya Shankha at the best price possible!If you so require, we energize Panchajanya Shankha,before sending to you.

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