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The connections of Ramayana make Panchvati a holy place to visit
Located near Nasik, Maharashtra, Panchvati is a place of great religious importance to Hindus. It is believed that during the phase of exile, Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman visited this place and took shelter for some time. According to the legends, Panchvati got its name from the five mighty Banyan trees which are near the riverside of the place. The mentioned Banyan trees were a part of the Dandakaranya Forest which has some significant place in Ramayan. Pilgrims from all across the country visit Panchvati and to get their soul, mind and body cleansed they take a bath in the holy river, Godavari.

Important attractions at Panchvati which you should not miss:
There are many places of great religious importance in Panchvati below mentioned are few:

Sita Gupha:
The Sita Gupha is a place in Panchvati which has its importance in the mythology, Ramayana. It is said that it was the same place where Lord Ram’s wife Sita stayed for some time and it is the same place from where she got abducted by Ravana.   It is believed to be the place where Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana. This Gupha is located near the door of the Kalaram Temple. The cave is interestingly decorated with idols of Lord Ram, his wife Sita and brother Lakshmna. There is a narrow staircase and if you want to see the Gupha from inside, you need to take the stairs. You should not miss a visit to the Sita Gupha during the Panchvati visit. This place speaks for its rich mythological importance and here you can soak in the religious past of our country.

Kalaram Mandir:
The Kalaram Mandir was built by Peshwas and it has beautiful black idols of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman. The architecture of the temple is interesting with a breathtaking dome made up of copper dome and magnificent sculptures. This is a 70 feet high temple and its design is intriguing. It took twelve years to build the Kalaram temple and the entire temple is made up with black stones. The architecture of this temple is alluring and this is place which will give

Ramkund is a place of great religious importance. During the phase of exile, Lord Ram took his bath here and it is believed that if a person takes a holy dip here, he will surely get rid from the sins of his life. Each year during Kumbh festivals, pilgrims and Sadhus visit here and take a bath in this holy water. After the death of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation on January 30, 1948, his ashes were immersed in the holy water of Ramkund. During this occasion, Pandit Nehru was also present. The Ramkund and Kushavarta reservoirs are full of Sadhus and pilgrims during the Kumbh festival.

Ganga Ghat:
There are many Ghats in Panchvati and Ganga Ghat is one of the most popular ones. On the banks of the holy river Godavari is the Ganga Ghar where pilgrims come and take a dip. It is considered as a sacred place as far as religious importance is there, it is said that taking a bath here along with chanting holy words can give you great peace and it enlightens the sacred energies.

Special Attraction in Panchvati:Apart from the temples there are many special attractions here and the Kumbh Mela is one of the most popular one. The entire place is in festive mood during the Kumbh Mela. Pilgrims and Sadhus from all across the country visit here and perform the religious activities with full ecstasy. The fun and frolic of the Kumbh mela adds that extra charm to the place.


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