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Panipat, a city to view the glorious past of India
Silhouette of the Panipat
Panipat can be defined as the historical city of Indian state Haryana. If you flip through the pages of Indian history, you will find that the major battles of the Indian history took place in this ancient area. For this reason whenever Indian history becomes a matter of discussion, the name of this site comes every time in the discussion arena. As per various information, it can be said that this 90 km away city from Delhi, was founded by the Pandavas, the famous characters of Mahabharata. From that mythological period, this city has experienced different phases of Indian history which are reflected through its architectural backgrounds.

Interesting locations in Panipat

  • Devi Temple-This Devi temple is situated on the side of a large tank. The ancient unmarred architectures and sculptures are the standing points for exploring this temple. Nearby this temple, you will get to see another beautiful temple for worshipping Lord Shiva that was carved by the Maratha ruler Mangal Raghunath. This religious site is one of the most ancient temple that has witnessed the battles of Panipat and various changes in the historical backdrop of this city.
  • Tomb of Bu Ali Shah Qalander-This sepulcher was built in 1190 AD in reminiscence of Bu Ali Shah Qalander. This 700 years old tomb is known for carrying the marks of ancient architecture. This tomb is visited by multi religious individuals in every Thursdays.
  • Salar Gunj Gate- This is another site which carries the glorious impressions of ancient archaeological works of India. This gateway is located at the heart of the city, which has a close relation with the Nawab Salar Juge.
  • Kabuli Bagh- This precinct is situated 2km away from Panipat. The company of the Mughal dynasty head Babur’s constructed Kabuli Shah Mosque is the main interest of this spot. Another historical importance of this city is that, here Mughal soldiers celebrated their victory over the first battle of Panipat.
  • Panipat Museum-This museum is mainly formed for keeping the valued evidences and information related to the tri Panipat battles of India that took place in the year 1526, 1556 and 1761. In this well maintained museum of Panipat, you will unearth the rare archaeological collections of primordial India and Panipat wars. The archaeological samples of this museum include the pottery works, jewellery, weapon store, sculptures, art works, crafts objects, inscriptions, manuscripts, photographs. Some exceptional ceramic-based decorations are another interest after exploring this museum.
  • Grave of Ibrahim Lodi- This rectangular shaped grave of the Ibrahim Lodi is an interesting part of this city. This site will take you back to the eventful background of first Panipat war. This site now becomes an interesting religious site for the travelers.
  • Kala Amb-This interesting traveling destination is placed 8 km away from Panipat. This is a memorable spot where the third battle of Panipat took place. This place is dedicated to the recollection of the bold hearted Maratha soldiers. Nowadays, this place is considered as one of the foremost attraction of this city for housing numerous shopping malls and entertainment prospects.  This particular tree surrounded part of this city presents beautiful collections of ancient architectures and sculptures.

Shopping in Panipat
Textile- As this city is known for having a large collection of designer textile mills, so if you are looking for buying a souvenir from this city, then you can pay for a good textile based materials from the nearby shops.


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