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Paonta Sahib

Paonta Sahib
Paonta Sahib: an important destination for Sikhs

Introduction about Paonta Sahib
In the south of the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, on National Highway 72, lies the small picturesque town of Paonta Sahib. The majestic Gurudwara at Paonta Sahib, which takes its name from the place itself, is of great religious significance to the Sikhs as it is said that it was here that the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh stopped and wrote several books. Paonta Sahib is just 45 km from the airport at Dehradun in Uttrakhand and 260 km from Delhi. It also houses a lot of industries in the area. The climate here varies between a scorching 440 C in summer and a chilly 0-50 C in winter.

History of Paonta Sahib
The name Paonta was originally paontika, derived from 2 words, ‘paon’ or feet and ‘tika’ or to stay firm, as it is believed Guru Gobind Singh’s horse refused to budge once he reached the place. Guru Gobind Singh then decided to stay on, writing several books before moving on to Anandpur Sahib to establish the Khalsa Panth, the mainstay of Sikhism. There is also another story which says the name is derived from Paonta, an ornament worn on the foot that he lost while bathing in the Yamuna.

Interesting places to visit in Paonta Sahib

    • Gurudwara Paonta Sahibon the banks of the River Yamuna, is revered by Sikhs the world over as it is the place at which Guru Govind Singh is believed to have lived for a long period, around five years, writing several religious discourses. An architectural marvel, this Gurudwara also houses a museum which has on display several weapons used by him along with several other antique pieces, that draw many a curious visitor.
    • Memorial of Rishi Kalpi was built to honor this Rishi or sage who was brought to this area by Guru Gobind Singh.
    • Quila Lohgarh, the capital of Baba Banda Bahadur Bairagi is the place from where the Khalsa coin originated.
    • Sahastra Dhara, this idyllic spot, popular for picnics, about 25 km from Paonta Sahib, is at the confluence of the River Yamuna and the River Tong or Tamsa. The name loosely translated means ‘ many waterfalls’ and one can imagine the awesome scenic beauty and idyllic surroundings here, ideal for a family picnic. An Ashokan edit here draws many visitors though the pillar is said to have been taken to Delhi by a Mughal ruler.
    • Khodri Dak Pathar, is another tourist picnicking area, also 25 km from Paonta Sahib, as the Yamuna here is contained by a dam in an artificial lake. There is a tourist bungalow here too. Being at an elevation, the scenic drive from Paonta to Khodri is breathtaking.
    • Kamrau, the largest village in the area has limestone quarries and also a Tibetan Colony where one can eat sumptuous momos and visit the Buddhist Monastery.

Your shopping list in Paonta Sahib
The Tibetan colony about 20 km from Paonta Sahib near Kamrau is a place at which one can buy carpets, Tibetan jewellery and other handcrafted items. At the Gurudwara one can also get religious literature and memorabilia.


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