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Original Parad (100% Mercury Purified) Durga Maa Idol -120 Gm- (PADM-001)

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Original Parad (100% Mercury Purified) Durga Maa Idol -120 Gm- (PADM-001)

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Parad Shera Wali Mata represents the power of the Supreme Being that preserves righteousness and moral order in the creation. Parad Maa Durga also called Divine Mother protects mankind from evil and despair by destroying evil forces such as jealousy, selfishness prejudice, anger, hatred and ego.

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Parad Mercury Durga Maa
WEIGHT 120 gm approx
SIZE Height- 7 cm (3′), Length- 5 cm (2”), Width- 2 cm (1”)
COLOR Silver
MATERIAL Mercury, and other Metals

Product Description

Complete with eight stages of Purifications as per Vedic scriptures like Parad Sanmhita Parad Goddess Shera Wali Mata Statue represents the power of the Supreme Being that preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation. Maa Durga, also known as Devi, Shakti, Gauri and by numerous other names, is a popular form of a Hindu goddess. Shera Wali Mata is the warrior Deity, whose mythology centers around combating negative forces that threaten peace, prosperity and Dharma of the good.  

She is the fierce form of the protective Mother goddess, willing to release her anger against wrong doing, violence for liberation & destruction to empower creation. The eight arms of Shera Wali Mata signify that she possesses combined power of the nine incarnations of God Vishnu ji that have appeared on the earth at different times in the past. Weapons in the hands of Durga such as an arrow, mace, sword, trident and disc convey the idea that one weapon cannot destroy different kinds of enemies.   

Durga meaning "the inaccessible" is a popular fierce form of the Hindu Goddess or Devi. She is depicted with ten arms, carrying various weapons and riding a ferocious lion. She is often pictured as battling demons, particularly Mahishasura, the buffalo demon. For the Goddess-worshipping Shaktas, Goddess Durga is equated with Mahadevi, the Supreme Goddess. Her triumph as Mahishasura Mardini, Slayer of the buffalo Demon is a dominant episode of the old scripture Devi Mahatmya. Her triumph is celebrated yearly in the festivals of Durga Puja and Navaratri.

Parad idols of Shera Wali Mata give a thousand times more benefits than the worship of idols made of other substances. Parad (Mercury) Durga is a miraculous idol which is considered extremely auspicious for the complete eradication of sorrow, fear, misfortunes, poverty,  enemies, conspiracies, difficulties, and bad dreams, influence of malefic planets, evil eye, black magic and diseases.

By worshipping Parad (Padrasam) Maa Durga Idol one gets the blessings of Lord Shiva and Durga. We get immense prosperity, harmony & happiness at home. It provides protection from enemies and misfortunes. By worshipping Goddess Durga one gets rid of all types of troubles. The Parad Durga Statue is considered auspicious for overcoming difficulties and fulfil all desires.  

AstroDevam Guarantee: We hereby extend guarantees to all our purchasers of this Parad Goddess Durga Idol, regarding superior quality and maximum aura, as compared to any Maa Durga in the world.


All Our Parad Products, Manufactured As per classical norms tend to consume gold and silver, when in contact. So, it is advised not to use gold and silver products along with our Parad products, especially Gold and Silver Chains with our Parad Mala/ rosaries.


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