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Parwanoo, the industrial town amidst the beautiful surroundings of nature
Information about the city of Parwanoo
Parwanoo is a beautiful city located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh state. According to experts, this city is famous for its industrial background. The special feature of this town is that, it is classified in 6 different sectors; Each and every sector of this Himalaya range based city is noted for different purpose. If you carefully notice, then you will find that the sections like 1A, 4 and 6 are made for the residential sections. On the other hands, sectors like 1,2,3,5 are made for the industrial sections. A large number of populations of this city are engaged with the apple fruit processing culture. This special fruit processing system is considered as the financial backbone of this city. Apart from its food processing culture, you will find a wide range of other types of industries in this city.

Attractions of this city of Parwanoo

    • Timber Trail-This is one of the major attractions of this city. This 5000 ft above site offers a thrilling cable way ride amidst the Shivalik mountain range. This cable trail is connected with two hills of this mou8ntain range. This cable trail has a record of carrying 10-12 people at a time. While you travel with this hanging cable ride, will view the breathtaking view of the Kauishalya valley area.

    • Mansa Devi Temple-This temple is dedicated to worship Goddess Manasa, an embodiment of Goddess Durga. This temple is one of the major spot that is an interesting tourist spot during the celebration of Navarathri. According to various evidences, it can be said that this temple was built by maharaja Gopal Singh in between 1811 to 1815.

    • Shri Balaji Temple- This is one of the most important attractions located nearby Parwanoo. This temple is considered as one of the most ancient temple of this city. This beautiful temple is located in Bhairo Ki Sher, a small village nearby this town.

    • Mughal Gardens-This beautiful garden is now noted as the Pinjore garden. The special decoration of this garden with symmetrical rows of flowers and fountains, make this place as one of the mostly visited site for the travelers. When you travel this garden will find that the garden is decorated by colorful lights after the Sunset. This garden has created by covering an area of 100 acres.  Besides watching the small zoo, the presence of Japanese garden, archaic palaces, flower nursery will attract your eyes.

    • Kali Mata Temple-Kali Mata Temple is an ancient temple which is often visited by the travelers in the pious celebration of Navaratri. According to experts, the name of the nearby city Kalka is originated from the name of this temple. This ancient temple is dedicated to praise Hindu power Goddess Kali. According to mythological believes, it is said that this ancient temple was built by five Pandavas, during their exile. This temple is located 2.2 km away from the Parwanoo city.

  • Fruit Orchards- Apple orchards are the key of attraction of this city. During the traveling of this city, you will a wide range of orchards across this city, which are known for producing jams, jelly and pickles from the fresh apples.

Things to buy in Parwanoo

Apple- When it comes to buy something in Parwanoo, then apple is the best option for you. Here you can buy fresh apples and various apple made food products like jelly, pickle, wines, juice in an affordable price.


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