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Phoenix is the celestial animal and is considered very auspicious in Chinese culture and in the scriptures of Feng Shui. Phoenix in Feng Shui is used for wish fulfilment. The phoenix of Chinese legend is a sign of heaven’s favour, kindness, happiness, virtue and grace. This heavenly bird gives success, luck, fortune and prosperity. The Phoenix can turn out your bad luck into good luck.

Phoenix is associated with the south-corner. Placing it in the room brings you opportunity and popularity. Phoenix sets up path of opportunities in your career, work, or all other pursuits of your life. Placing the image of Phoenix or phoenix painting in the office or home also encourages good fortune and prosperity.

The legendary bird represents the five virtues:

  • Justice
  • Honestly
  • Loyalty
  • Faithfulness
  • Decorum

Phoenix statue activates the career and money luck and increases flow of money to the house. Putting together, the Dragon and Phoenix Feng Shui symbol (representing ultimate yin and yang energy) brings positive environment. The Phoenix is the symbol of female or yin energy and beauty. The Dragon represents male energy and fertility. Phoenix bird paired with the Dragon acts as a Feng Shui symbol of marital harmony and happiness. It can be a perfect gift for newlywed couples for a peaceful and harmonious marriage.

The best place to use the image or idol of phoenix is the south wall of the house. It energizes the area of fame and recognition. Placing the painting of a phoenix in the south encourages thinking power and decision making skills which is crucial for any business man to prosper in business. The phoenix can be placed by any person of any religion. It is universally accepted by all. 

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