Pisces/ Meen Yearly Horoscope Prediction 2018

Pisces Horoscope 2018 forecasts recognition, success and achievement coming your way. Expect stepping up to a new career or a new position that will be maximizing your talent and skills for in 2018. As the year progresses, new prospects will come knocking at the door, but you need to be choosy.

You will hesitate less to express about what you feel outside, your creativeness is to go and you will avoid pointless problems. Your kindness makes you popular. It seems overall 2018 Horoscope for Pisces will have a significant influence on your personal and professional life.

Here, we are giving transit influences of various planets, as per your Moon sign. These transit influences are subject to Dash as running in your horoscope, which is calculated on the basis of your birth details. If you are interested in comprehensive analysis of your horoscope, along with accurate planetary Dash as, you are requested to please go to following link, for accurate and reliable analysis:

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Pisces (Meen) Horoscope 2018 for Family

Our experts bring you Meen Rashi 2018; the first half of the year will be better in terms of family harmony for the Pisces individual. However, some property disputes might crop up in the family that might bring in variances in the minds and hearts of family members. It would be better to resolve the matters at the earliest.

Pisces (Meen) Horoscope 2018 for Career

The 2018 Horoscope for Pisces foretells that professionally, Pisceans are predictable to face a major change in their career life in the year ahead and it is most likely in terms of place. Avoid switching jobs in the mid-year, as planets will not be favourable.

Pisces (Meen) Horoscope 2018 for Education

Pisces predictions 2018 is very favourable for the students. According to the calculation, students wishing to go for higher education in some technical fields will get the preferred results in the last quarter of the year. Campus recruitments will offer you really good proposals in the middle of the year.

Pisces (Meen) Horoscope  2018 for Love

Love life for Meen Rashi 2018 looks normal. A love partnership with somebody from your past is more likely to renew. These people will enjoy the better love compatibility in the coming year. Marriage will be on your cards for many eligible Pisceans. New relations will happen this year. Love life 2018 for a Pisces individual will be pleasant for both existing as well as new relationships in this period.

Pisces (Meen) Horoscope 2018 for Finance

Pisces Horoscope 2018 for Finance looks normal. It’s going to be a beneficial year for the Pisces individual in terms of finances, so you can easily go ahead with dangers in investments. Chances are high for double returns on any investment plan this year.

Pisces (Meen) Horoscope 2018 for Health

The Pisces 2018 horoscope predicts that health will become a stuff of concern in the mid of this year. Stress at work a will be the main causes for the health disorders foretold for the Pisceans in 2018. Avoid allopathic cures and try natural medicines to treat your health issues.

Pisces Monthly Horoscopes:

  • January 2018 predicts you to enjoy time with your closed ones.
  • February 2018 foretells that the harmony in family life will be in order. Give more attention to the home, family, as well as your emotional life.
  • March 2018 - Pamper yourself with detoxification treatments and facial massages.
  • April 2018- Health is good this month. Financial health is as important to you as physical health.
  • May 2018- Singles will find love. Avoid taking risks in your life.
  • June 2018 forecasts that the family situation still seems volatile.
  • July 2018 forecasts there are hurt feelings, blames and emotional back and forth in this month.
  • August 2018 forecasts that cash can come to you through involvement with estates.
  • September 2018 - Avoid being perfectionist in love. Your job this month is to come from the emotion rather than the head.
  • October 2018 forecasts that many people in your life are supporting the career.
  • November 2018 is the best month for foreign travel.
  • December 2018- Finances and Job will be on the positive side.


  • Stay away from making investments.
  • You need to be cautious while going for a long trip.

Remedies to overcome the Troubles:

  • Observe fast on Thursday.
  • Donate yellow cloth to any needy or priest/Brahmin.

The Pisces predictions 2018 predicts that this is an outstanding year, as whatever you wish for will come true. Make the correct choices if you wish to go ahead without any obstacles.

Above predictions are general in nature based on your Zodiac sign only. In these predictions, other reference points of the horoscope e.g. Ascendant and other planets have not been considered, which vary from person to person. Such a deep and pinpointed analysis may be possible only on the basis of a horoscope, prepared on the basis of your birth details. In case, you are interested in accurate and reliable analysis of your destiny in the year 2018, you may go to the following link:


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