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Ponmudi the Ooty of Trivandrum
Also known as the Ooty of Trivandrum, Ponmudi is a beautiful holiday destination in Kerala. Located at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Trivandrum and at a height of 3000 feet from sea level, Ponmudi is a place where you can hibernate and soak in from the hustle bustle of the city life.  The cool climate of this place makes it a romantic holiday destination. At Ponmudi you can enjoy the natural beauty and the tranquil settings made by Mother Nature. The awe inspiring landscapes, lush green forests, mist and the make this dream destination a must not miss. The enchanting beauty of Ponmudi is accentuated not only with the tea estates and the hill station setting, but with the adventurous attractions like it offers great opportunity for hiking and trekking as well.

History and culture of Ponmudi:
It is said that the Indian mythological figure Rishi Parshuram came to Ponmudi and he stayed here for some time. There are some folk tales related to his stay in Ponmudi. Also, it is believed that mighty rulers like Ays, Venads and Varmas ruled here. In Later part Ponmudi was attacked by the Cholas but they lost it to the Mughals. The influences of all the rulers are still visible in Ponmudi as the buildings and the culture is influenced by them.  In the early times, the Travancore kings once visited this place and they decided to spend the summers here. For that they constructed some rest houses and during that time only the royals were allowed to stay in the rest houses of Ponmudi.  Now the rest house is given to the army.

Places of attractions in the city of Ponmudi:
There are many amazing and breath taking attractions, things to see and places to visit in Ponmudi. Here are some of them which we specially selected for your visit. Scroll down to check out the places to visit in Ponmudi:

Golden Valley: Golden Valley is you place if you want to enjoy the natural splendor and tranquil surroundings. An attraction which you should not miss while visiting Ponmudi, is golden valley. It offers mesmerizing rivulets and its beautiful green trees make it an awesome hill station must for visit for nature lovers. Take a dip to the refreshing golden valley for a superb holiday.

Agasthyarkoodam: Another important attraction in Ponmudi is the Agasthyarkoodam is a hot spot for tourists from all across the world. One of the highest peaks not only in Trivandrum but in the Western Ghats, Agasthyarkoodam is located at a height of 1868 meters. 

Meenmutty Falls:  For a breathtaking experience, I will recommend you to visit Meenmutty Falls. The awe inspiring waterfall gives amazing experience. You can go in for trekking on the Agasthyarkoodam trail to reach this waterfall.  Even if you are not an avid trekker, you will enjoy taking this amazing opportunity to walk up. The dense forest and the weather of this place are just too awesome. Here you will find another waterfall- The Kombaikani Waterfall and you can also enjoy that.

Deer Park and Orchids:
Located at a distance of just a few kilometers from the main town is the Orchids and Deer Park. It is indeed an exotic place to visit during your Ponmudi holiday. Here you can enjoy a day picnic with your friends or family. One of the most popular attractions in Ponmudi, the Orchids and Deer Park will add memorable experience to your holiday.

Tea gardens of the city of Ponmudi:
Ponmudi has some extensive tea gardens and a visit there will refresh your mind and soul. A visit to the tea gardens is indeed worth when you are in Ponmudi. I will recommend you to visit the tea gardens during morning or evening if you want to enjoy the mist and the cool breeze along with the tea sips.


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