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Akhand Jyoti

Akhand Jyoti or Akhand deep brings happiness and prosperity for the worshipper. The light through the Akhand Jyoti ignites the body system, imagination and improves the concentration. Resulting from greater concentration, the worshiping of almighty gets more powerful. Japa performed in front of Akhand Deep is undoubtedly thousand times more powerful. Many people ask us what is the use of Akhand Jyoti in navratri? During Navratri, it is very auspicious to light the Akhand Jyoti in the home. Light Akhand Jyoti on the first Navratri in the morning.

When you use Deep or Akhand Jyoti made from metal, which can hold ghee, can light up to 24 hours.  Akhand deep also saves fuel. Akhand Jyoti is very auspicious for worshipping God. It is also used in many other festivals.  Deep is used in Akhand path and Akhand Ramayan too. Deities like Ganesha, Hanuman and Bhairav are pleased, when worshipped in front of Akhand jyoti. It is very inauspicious to cease the burning jyoti. If this happens than light diya and do pooja again.

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