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Reiki Pyramids

Reiki word comes from the Japanese word, which means ‘universal life energy’. Therefore, in Reiki the huge source of the life energy is the universal life energy of the More

  1. Reiki Disc Pyramid -(HERD-001)

    $ 35.70

    Reiki disc is used to enhance reiki energy in healing room. It generates healing power all around where it is kept.

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  2. Reiki Pyramid -(HERP-001)

    $ 16.17

    Reiki pyramids, designed by jiten bhatt are new revolutionary healing pyramid to amplify reiki results.

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  3. Smart Fire - Advance (PVRSF-001)- Advanced Tool for Amplifying Positivity and Removing Negativity from surroundings with Power of Pyramids

    $ 97.02

    Smart Fire - Advance Pyramid Neutralizes negative vibes and create positive space for better energy healing. This tool consists of power of pyramids, which creates a harmony space for you and your family.

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  4. Reiki Seat Pyramid -(HERS-001)

    $ 28.35

    Reiki seat a prominent and powerful yantra used while teaching or giving reiki to get faster results. Reiki practitioners often use these tools. This is must for all masters, healers and patients for proper channelizing the reiki energy.

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  5. Reiki Card- Set Pyramid -(HERCS-001)

    $ 17.64

    Reiki card set, designed by jiten bhatt is used as healing card, which are universally inspired card for your personal growth and self-discovery.

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