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Aquamarine Quartz Mala / Rosaries

Aquamarine Quartz Mala is considered an “all purpose” healing Rosary. It invokes higher states of mental and spiritual awareness.  The word “Aquamarine” is derived from the Latin word ‘Aqua’ and ‘Marine’, which means water of the sea.   read more.......

  1. Aquamarine Quartz Mala / Rosary (MAAQ-001)

    $ 47.32

    Aquamarine Quartz Rosaryhas powerful meta physical properties that help to improve communication and public speaking. The light blue colour arouses feelings of trust, harmony, sympathy and friendship. The blue shade of aquamarine is an eternal, divine colour which resembles the sky. Aquamarine Quartz Mala attracts success and wealth, relieves worry and depression.If you wish to know more,   CLICK HERE....

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