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Pune the best discovery of India since Independence
An overview on Pune
Pune in Maharashtra is the biggest and the best o the discovery in India. India after independence had changed a lot but for Pune as it was made for the settlements of the industry in the region had turned out to be a mix and match of the nature and technology where nature and technology had met together and had been working for the better flow of lifestyle. Pune is situated in the state of Maharashtra where the city had been developed in the recent years to tackle the mainstream business pressure from Mumbai and all over the nation. The citizens in Pune are mostly the immigrants from all over the country as the city has developed to be a hub of all working class looking for a better opportunity in their lives.

The city of Pune had been making all sorts of development post 2000, the time from where the idea of industrialization and globalization had actually settled in India. Pune earlier had been known as Poona, and Poona marks an important place for the Indian independence. The first crude bomb was made by the Indian extremist out here in Pune. The copper traces that are found in the region show the existence of civilization going back till the date of 758 AD to 769 AD. The Pune looking into the natural beauty had been a place of rest for the British and even after many years of independence, Pune had been a place of rest where the people go to have less polluted in their atmosphere. The recent pressure of globalization had made the Maharashtrian government develop Pune to a mix and match of nature and technology. The technological advancement in Pune is recorded to rank as number one in the country and Pune is turning out to be a technological hub for the country. The city at the present statistics is one of the most populous cities in India.

Pune and the places of visits:
Pune Shaniwar Wada: Pune Shaniwar Wada is a structure that had been made by the Peshawar rulers who had wanted their dynasty to leave a mark over the future by the help of the structure. The structure was built in the year of 1827 by King Baji Rao.

Parvati hill: Pune is actually a hill spot and thus it has the picturesque of the Parvati hills. The hill spot is a true place of picnic for all the Indians and also for all who would want to make a trip in India.

Bund Garden Pune: The bund Garden Pune had been making the tourist attracted to it. The garden was constructed with immense natural beauty. The bund garden in Pune is also known as the Mahatma Gandhi uddyan.

Saras bag: Constructed by Nanasaheb pesewa the garden lies in a background of the Parvati hills, increasing the scenic beauty of the region. The garden has a renowned temple constructed in 1744 by Madhav Rao Peshwa.

Raja Din Kelkar Museum: The museum holds the display of artifacts that discusses about the movement of nature and also of how nature keeps the globe in its balanced form. Tourists visiting Pune must visit the museum as the museum is a real basket of knowledge.

Osho Ashram: primarily an ashram in nature tourist visiting the place can practice their yoga and meditation if they want and the Ashram is a prime attraction of tourists who are Bhagwan Rajneesh.


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