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Purulia, a district famous for Chhau dance
An Overview of Purulia
Purulia is named as ‘’Manbhum City’’. It is situated in the district of Purulia. Purulia is situated at the bank of the River of Kasai. It is a main railway junction and main road. It is known for dance of Chhau dance.

History of Purulia
Purulia has a rich cultural heritage. As par Bhagavati-Sutra, the place used to exist in the 5th century. It includes 16 Mahajanapadas of that time. It is said that Purulia is called Vajra-Bhumi in the old times. It gained importance during the rule of the British. When British considered Diwani of Bihar, Orissa and Bengal then Purulia has its importance in 1765. In the year of 1805, the present Purulia took place. The headquarters was transferred from Manbazar to Purulia. In the year of 1956, Purulia has its independence after nine years India got its independence. Purulia is the gateway to go to the states of Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa.

Tourist Spots in Purulia
There are various spots in Purulia. The prime destinations are as follows.
Para: It is a good tourist spot. There are two deuls of pre-Muslim. One is with the temple of Deulghat and the other is from the later period. They are the good examples of artistry and architectural designs of the then period. Those constructions remind us of that age.

Ayodhya Hill: It is a good place for the tourists. The tourist also came for rock climbing and mountaineering. It has an elevation of 700m from the sea level. The hill is a mixture of mythological connection and awesome natural beauty. The place is famous for stream and springs of fresh water.

Saheb Bandh: It has an area of 50 acre in the state of Purulia. It was believed to be built in the middle of the 19th century. During the rule of the British, the water body was constructed by the convicts of Colonel Tikley. The process began in the year of 1843 and they needed 5 years to complete the work. It is also considered as a place for the migratory birds. Birds do fly from the far places of Siberia, Baluchistan and different places of Europe. So you can watch different species of birds there.

Cheliama: It is a very good destination of Purulia. It has a historical background. It is heaven of archaeologists and historians. The village comprises of different remnants of the previous civilization of about 17th century. There are different temples in the village and they are the good examples of culture, architecture and artistry. The architecture reflects the then period. There is famous temple of Radha-Govind. It attracts many tourists from various parts of India.

Deulghat: It is a land of several temples. The place has at least 15 temples and it has close to the River of Kansai. They are known for the then architecture. There are decorations in carvings and intricacy in the temples. Many pilgrims come to visit these temples.

Matha: It is best known for its lovely beauty. An annual “Mela’’ is organized by the community of the tribes. There occurs many camp of nature and courses of rock climbing that are organized by different organizations during the season of winter. The forest protection committee of the locality provides catering and other facilities for the camp and the local people also can be the local guide.


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