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Raajasik Diet

Rajasic food is also known as stimulant foods or mutative foods. They are food types that incite mental restlessness. They are not very useful, nor very harmful, to the mind and body. Those foods that cannot be classified under the conscious or stagnant category are called Rajasic food. The consumption of these foods causes hostile and dominating thoughts towards others. These foods include drinks like, tea and coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolates, spicy food etc. Rajas (kings) used to spend their life in physical pleasure, enjoyment, hurt, exertion and impatience. People in whom Rajasic virtues prevail are possibly egoistic, determined, insistent, self-righteous, and aggressive and have a penchant to direct others.

They toil hard and like authority, status, and position and are perfectionists. They undergo a fear of failure, tend to be irritated, envious and like to have few moments of bliss. Rajasic persons are quickly sapped of mental energy; they need 8 hours of sleep. Too much rajas deform the natural equilibrium of the mind and have a harmful impact on our lives. Unfortunately, the Westerns consume huge amount of Rajasic food and very little fresh unrefined Satvic foods. From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, there is a link between how we are consuming and how we are performing, our levels of violence, misdeed, and dejection. Unlike our physical creation, which is difficult to modify, our mental approach greatly depends on the food we eat on a regular basis, thus it is probable for us to select between realization, disturbance, or inactivity. We do so by selecting the right food. Rajasic foods produce more fire, external motion, ingenuity, hostility, and zeal. Any canned, sugared fruit, all fermented food, all bottled fruit juices are Rajasic.

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