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Raipur, the remarkable historical city of India
A small introduction of the city
Due to the rich collections of various historical monuments and archaeological remains, Raipur is often described as a rich place of historical evidences. According to administrative records, this city is the capital city of the Chattishgarh. According to historical records, this city used to be ruled by the Satvahana kings in 3rd century. After that, the administrative control of this city transferred to the Guptas in six century period. The evidences of the archaeological dig ups reflect the glamorous history of this site. Apart from its rich historical background, this city is called as the rice bowl of India for the growth of wide varieties of rice. This growth of the wide varieties of rice is widely dependent on the water of the river Mahanadi that has flows inside this city. It makes Raipur fertile and contributes much to its agricultural scenario.

Attractions of Raipur

  • Mahant Ghasidas Museum- This museum is an interesting place to explore. In this museum, you will come to see wide collections of the archaeological and anthropological; evidences. The precious collections of Indian are and paintings along with various artifacts are another reason behind the popularity of this museum. As per various records, it can be said that this museum falls under the top 10 museums of India.
  • Vivekananda Sarovar- This is the most ancient lake of this that goes equally with the age of this city. The speciality of these bodies of water is its 37 ft tall statue of Vivekananda. This statue has the record of being the tallest statue of this city. Along with this statue, the colorful bright fountains surrounding this lake will attract your eyes.
  • Dudhadari temple- This is a 400 years heritage temple located in the centre of this city. The architecture of this old temple and its nearby rural culture will attract your eyes. Here you will come to feel the essence of the traditions of India.
  • Nagar Ghadi- This is a unique clock located on a big marble tower in the middle of the city. The architecture and the presence of this clock make it as a landmark of this city. This clock plays 24 different folk tunes Chhattisgarh for every single hour. The administrative body of this city makes this clock more special by decorating its surrounding areas with beautiful light and water fountains.
  • Urja Park- a beautiful place among the nature where you can spend time with your family members. The boating facilities, the wonderful surroundings of the park will make your travelling more special.
  • Temple of Ramachandra-This temple is built by following the Chalukya style of architecture. However, this temple is medium size, but its wonderful sculpture makes it one of the big travelling destinations in Raipur. By visiting this temple, you will get to see the deity Vishnu being worshipped
  • Nandanvan- This small zoo is situated on the western part of this city. The presence of this zoo on the riverbank of Kharoon River makes its surroundings more appealing.

Kanha national park- This Park is located on the suburbs area of this city. This is one of the famous national parks in India. In this park, you will come to see wild animals in an open area. The close angle of watching these animals makes this site more attractive.


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