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Rajgir, a city to combine religion with nature
Intro of the city
In ancient times, this celebrated city of Bihar used to be the capital city of Magadha Kingdom. That time this conurbation was also a popular city of academicians. Apart from this, Rajgirh or the city of kings used to be the seat of the Mauryan empire. Starting from witnessing the influential and glorious ruling of the Mauryan kings, this city also experienced the blissful impressions of the Buddhists. For this variety of ancient background moulds this town into an attractive traveling destination for the domestic as well as international travelers. By traveling here, you will come to sense the throb of Indian history through the presence of the archaeological architectures and multifarious sculptures.

Fascinating sites in Rajgir

  • Jivaka’r Mango Garden-This beautiful garden is dedicated to the name of famous royal physician Jivaka of the ruling period of rulers of Magadhs. The outstanding technique of this expert in surgical field makes him as an interesting personality of the ancient times. He used to be a great follower of Lord Buddhas. It is believed, that to appreciate his dedication, Lord Buddha presented this Mango garden to him. Here you will come to view the ruins of an ancient monastery.
  • Ancient 40km long wall-This pre Mauryan civilization based walls used to border the entire city. Today there are few parts are left of this Cyclopean wall. The brilliant construction of the walls by fitting the stones by using the pre Mauryanm tricks, make this wall as an amazing site of this city.
  • Gridhakuta Peak- This is an interesting religious as well as historical site which is located on 500 stairs above the city. As per various evidences, this site used to be the abode of Lord Buddha where he spent 14 years of his life. This place is known for the caves and temples of the Buddhists, where the lessons of the Sutras used to be provided to the students at that time. According to numerous Buddhists, this is the only place where Lord Buddha spent a long time of his life. Today the ruins of those spiritual evidences are kept in a proper way by the local Government body.
  • Hiuen Sung memorial hall-This commemorative plaque is dedicated in the remembrance of ancient Chinese scholar Hiuen Sung. According to the historical evidences, it can be said that this scholar visited India in the ruling period of the great ruler Harshavardhana. He has helped to spread the culture and social life of India to the world by his writings. Today while you will visit this place will find lot of ancient information on the spiritual writings of Buddhism.
  • Venu Vana Kalandakanivapa- This religious site of Rajgir is known for its wonderful Buddhist temple and Hot water spring. According to experts, this site was gifted by the ruler Bimbisara to Lord Buddha long 2600 years ago. The calm surroundings of this temple make it more alluring for spending sometime among the nature and spirituality.
  • Ghora Katora Lake-If you are looking for spending a day within the peaceful surroundings of nature, then these bodies of water is the ideal place where you can feel the beauty of nature. The cool breeze, noise free atmosphere of this site will make you feel invigorated and spiritually enhanced.

   Shopping in Rajgir
Spiritual buy-  As this place is highly imbibe with the teachings of Lord Buddha, so while you will go this site, you can collect the idols of Lord Buddha, his inscriptions from the nearby temples or shopping destinations.


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