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Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid promotes the bonding of love, affection and romance, and thus it is the best tool to keep in the bedroom. Red Pyramid is designed to rectify the defects (doshas) and increase energy level of the Dakshin Disha (South Direction) corner. Feng Shui Colors like Red, when used properly, will bring the favourable energy into your home. Red represents Fire and it represents the energy of the sun and life.

Red is hot. Red colour is a famous color for dining rooms; it keeps us enjoying the food and makes experience livelier. Red has always been a significant colour. The colour red is the bold colour and also the colour of blood, so it is no wonder that we are attracted to it. Red colour energizes us.

Red Pyramid Benefits:

  • Activates symbols and good luck tokens
  • Warms up your business
  • Warms up your love life
  • Gets more recognition at work

Red Vastu products like Red Vastu Pyramid have all the powers of “Planet Mars” or “Mangal Grah, which is the owner of South direction. Lord of South Direction is Planet Mars. All powers of Mangal Graha or Planet Mars are put together in this Vastu product, which make it a powerful tool and cures all the adverse effects of South Direction.

If there is Vastu Dosh (Anomaly) in South corner of a plot then that area will have low positive energy. So, in order to charge that area, place this Vastu-product which will bring its positive energy back to 100%. The perfect place where you can keep the Red color Pyramid is in the office or in the bedroom. Red is a sign of prosperity, so keeping this Vastu product in the office could promote prosperity and productivity in any business.

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