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Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra

Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra

Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra is a Yantra for wish fulfillment. This Reiki Yantra is very powerful Yantra, used for fulfilling all the desires. Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra is the combination of four powerful Reiki Symbolsused for healing aura and other multiple purposes. The four Reiki symbols are-

  • Cho Ku Rei:
  • Cho means Curing Sword or Curved Line 
  • Ku means penetrating making a hole; space or nothingness. 
  • Rei means transcendental spirit, mysterious power or essence 

Purpose: An all purpose symbol that can also be used to magnify the effects of other Reiki frequencies.

  • Sei Hei Ki:
  • Sei is a budding state; things hidden inside; the origin of external form; silk 
  • Hei is a base chakra use for balancing energies.
  • Ki is a energy

Purpose:  a relaxing symbol used to calm the mind, promote balance and reinforce healthy habits.

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:
  • Hon is centre; essence; or start intrinsic; roots of trees; book
  • Sha is shimmering or person
  • Ze is advancing ; correct course; directional course
  • Sho is a target honest man, integrity or sage
  • Nen means stillness thinking by keeping in the deep part of the mind.

Purpose: this symbol used in distance healing and for relieving karmic issues.

  • Dai Koo Myo:
  • Dai means great
  • Koo  shining
  • Myo means light

Purpose:  Healing the soul, healing the aura, increasing intuition and psychic abilities.
When the above four symbols are combined together, then this is known as the Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra. This Reiki Yantra is used for fulfilling all the desires of a person. It can help the person to bring about physical relaxation, mental clarity including improved ability to visualize, clairvoyance, enhanced healing skills, and expansion of consciousness. Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra can also be used to help solve problems and achieve goals. ThisReiki Yantra has amazing tendency to harmonize all the areas of concern in your life.

Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by our Reiki Expert Āchary Kalki Krishnanhimself, ‘’® energizes/ consecrates this Yantra with in a traditional Reiki way, before being forwarded to you. Some of our esteemed clients, who are running big industrial houses, have been highly benefitted from this Reiki Yantra.

Benefits of Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra

  • Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra is used for fulfilling all the desires.
  • Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra brings positive energy.
  • Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra enhances healing skills.
  • Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra is used to heal serious, chronic, dreadful physical and mental diseases. 
  • A Reiki expert may use Reiki Wish Fulfillment Yantra for mass healing.
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