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Rewalsar, the multi religion city of north India
An Overview of the city of Rewalsar
From a long time, Himachal Pradesh, the northern state of India, is noted for its beautiful religious cities. Among these cities, one of the significant on is Rewalsar. Apart from being located on the lap of Shivalik range of Himalaya, city is known for its multi cultural and multi religion background. For the presence of three religions named Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, this city is also called as the Trisanagam. When you travel this city will come across seven mythological bodies of water, that are often relate with Mahabharata’s Five Pandava brothers. Apart from being a notable place for the Pandavas, this place is also closely linked up with two major Hindu deities, named Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.
On the other hand, this city is an important site for the Sikh, according to historical evidences, it is said, that here Guru Govind Singh came for a consultation with the major kings of Hills area s and there they have a notable meeting for taking proper steps against Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. To respect this historical visit of Guru Govind Shing ji, a Gurudwara was built inside this city. For Buddhist this place is pious because this site is linked up with Padmasambhaba, the second of Buddha of recent era.

Places of Attractions near the city of Rewalsar

    • Rewalsar lake- This is a pious lake located near this city. This is an important religious site, this 6.5 mt deep rectangular lake is often visited by the travelers. According to geologists, this is an oligotrophic lake. According to Buddhists, this lake was formed by burning the pyres of the master Padmasambha. To honor the memory of this spiritual being, this lake is formed and, when you visit this lake, will come across the awe –inspiring 123ft high relic of Padmasambhaba behind the misty atmosphere, who is known for bringing the concept of Buddhism from India to the land of Tibet.
    • The Tsopema Festival- The specialty of Tibetan festival is that, it is celebrated with a gap of 12 years. This special festival is celebrated by following the 10th day of 1st month of the Lunar Calendar of Tibetan people, to honour the birthday of the Padmasambha.
    • The zoo- This is a tiny zoo. In this small zoo, travelers will find a collection of local animals. Apart from seeing those animals, this site is known for its tree surrounded walking trail. To enjoy a walk amidst the lush green trees, travelers come here.
    • Naina Devi Temple-This shrine is counted among other Shakti Peeths. In this temple Goddess Durga is worshipped in form of a Pinda (round stone) According to mythological notes, in this site the eyes of Devi Sati fell. Considering this incident, pilgrims from different location come to this temple to offer a puja to fulfill their wish. Apart from being an important historical site, this temple is famous for its picaresque surroundings.
      • Lomas Temple-This tradition architecture based temple is dedicated to praise saint Lomas, a devout of Lord Shiva. This is considered as one for the major temples in Himachal Pradesh.’

Shopping in Rewalsar
Religious buy- From this beautiful religious site of Himachal Pradesh, you can buy the beautiful idols of deities of different religion, for gifting or worshipping purpose.


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