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Roing, the city to witness the tribal life and nature
An introduction of the city of Roing
Roinmg is a beautiful city located in the Indian state of  Arunachal Pradesh. This city is located on the bank of Dibong, a tributary of Brahmaputra River. The presence of lush green pastures and the beautiful natural surroundings with the co existence of the wild life creatures transform this city into an interesting eco tourism location in north eastern India. For having such a beautiful mishmash of nature and life, makes this destination as an off bit traveling destination for the travel freaks. Apart from watching the amazing surroundings of this place, the lifestyle and cultural background of the Misshmi and Adi tribal people will also attract your eyes. Through their cultural activities and rituals, you will come to get a view2 of the bygone era of Roing.

Tourist places to explore in Roing

  • Mehao wild Life Sanctuary- This wild life shelter is located 3568mtr above the sea level, by covering an area of 281.5sq mt. By visiting this safe land of wild life creatures, you will come across the rare collections of mammals, avian creatures, reptiles.  Among some of these animals of this sanctuary are leopards, tiger, wild dog, fishing cat, jackal, Burmese ferret badger, yellow bellied weasel, Indian Porcupine, common otter, Malay tree shrew, Himalayan Black Bear.

In the list of avian creatures you can view god wall, large cormorant, blue throated barbet, and Monal pheasant, Kingfisher, Japanese Awfinch and more. In the reptile category, you can get to look the rare collections on python, King cobra, Himalayan cat Snake. Along with this wide range of animals, the collection of butterflies and shrubs will also attract your eyes.

    • Nehru Van Udyan-Nehru van Udyan is a beautiful garden which is located on the Coast of Deopani River in a distance of few km. In this garden, you will find an awesome collection of orchids and cactus. Along with watching the rare set of cactus and orchids, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Deopani River from a close distance.
    • Sally lake-Sally Lake is located near the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary. This beautiful lake is located 3km away from this city. This lake is surrounded by the collection of beautiful thick forest. By coming near to this tree surrounded lake, you will find numerous colorful fish.
    • Mehao Lake-This Lake is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Roing. This lake is located 14km away from the Roing town. This beautiful 3000 ft above located lake covers an area of 4km. Most of the tourists come to visit this place to see the collection of numerous ducks. According to geological experts, this lake possesses all the features of an Oliogotropic lake. In this lake travelers can enjoy a beautiful boating facility.
    • Rukmini nati-This ancient fort is also popularly known as the Chimiri Fort. This beautiful ancient fort is located in the Chimiri Village, which is located 12 km away from the Roing town. According to archaeological experts, this baked bricked fort was constructed in between 14thto 15th century. Through this fort you can get a view of the advancement of ancient architecture.

Shopping in Roing
Handmade art crafts- When it comes to purchase something for gifting, then you may select some good handmade arte crafts of the tribal people. These collections of tribal art not only satisfy your requirements, but at the same time will value your money.


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