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In feng shui, Rooster brings good fortune and joyful moments in your life. Rooster is one of the powerful feng shui items to stay away arguments. You can display feng shui rooster in your office if there are some gossips among the colleagues. 
This feng shui Rooster is a powerful feng shui item that helps to raise authority. Place this metal rooster statue in the northwest region of your office or living room for good career fortune and fame luck.
A rooster is said to be always alert and ready to cope up with any danger. In the similar manner, if you place this feng shui item in your house, you will also get the ability to be attentive and alert towards the difficulties and problems in your life.
You will have the courage and ability to face problems. For good fortune and career luck, display this feng shui item in your house.
Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by Acharya Kalki Krishna himself, ‘’® energizes/consecrates Rooster with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

Where to place Rooster

  • Place rooster in the south direction facing the main door.
  • You can also place it on the main door of your home.
  • Place this rooster statue behind your chair in your office.

Following are the features of Rooster:

  • It helps make your life much better.
  • This rooster brings you good fortune.
  • Use this feng shui item for its beneficial effects in your life.
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