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Ru-yi Tied Scepter

Ru-yi Tied Scepter

The Feng shui Ru-yi Stick Scepter is considered as one of the most powerful sign depicting power, authority and leadership. This Feng shui sign is also popular in the name of scepter of power. Way back in the ancient period the officials of higher rank used to keep it at an important tool which gives them power to gain authority in their role. Many of the important Feng shui Figurine and deities held this tool and prominent among them are Laughing Buddha, Tua Peh Kong and the central character of Fuk Luk Sau.

The Feng Shui Ruyi is majorly used by people who urge to maintain and gain power and supreme authority in general life or even in career path. Those who are quite ambitious in life for them feng shui best buy is Ru Yi.

Placement of Feng shui Ru-yi Stick Scepter:

  • For enjoying career luck the Ru Yi need to be placed on the desk in a position which is prominent. This will attract people in large number in your work place and give you more authority in your professional life.
  • To maintain the quality of a manager within you then place it right behind the desk where you work. This will help you to sustain the quality of a manager within you and establish your authority in the respective field.
  • While placing the Ruyi at home  for enhancing luck for career then choose the North Corner of the living room
  • To establish your dominancy at home place it Northwest sector. It is good for those who are parents and need to maintain authority on children for discipline.
  • For empowering mother figure in home for controlling children it need to be placed in Southwest corner of home.
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