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Rupnagar or Ropar


Introduction to Rupnagar or Ropar
Origin of Rupnagar
This Punjab district is named after the district headquarters, the town Rupnagar. Earlier known as Ropar, this town was founded by ruler Rokeshar who named Rupnagar after his son Rup Sen. Included in the Patiala division of Punjab; Rupnagar holds a lot of historical and religious importance. Known to be founded in the 11th century, this place was the recipient of the Indus Valley Civilization. Recent excavations have proved that Rupnagar dates back to the Harappa and Mohenjodharo era. There are way too many historical events that have taken place here. One of the most striking one includes the 300th Birth of Khalsa celebrated in April 1999 in Anandhpur Sahib. People from all walks of life across the globe made an appearance.

Places to see in Rupnagar

    • Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib:This is one of the most important and sought after places of visit in Rupnagar. The Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahib is the place where the Khalsa was born. It is believed to be among the five sacred Takhats of the Sikhs. In the year 1699, Guru Gobind Singh introduced Khalsa by baptizing five Sikhs collectively known as Panj Piaras. This was also the time when the five symbols of the Sikh religion was introduced the Kes or the covered hair, Kangha or comb, Kara the steel bracelet, Kachha or the short drawer and Kirpan the sword.

  • Bhakra Nangal Dam Situated approximately ten kilometers from Nangal is one of the popular dams of the world. The construction of this dam was started way back in 1955. A mesmerizing lake named after Duru Gobind Singh is formed thanks to this dam. The Nangal Dam is a subsidiary which is built to divert the water into the Nangal Hydel Channel.

Place of Treaty
Rupnagar is home to one of the most historical events, one of which is the treaty between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Lord William Bentinck. The meeting took place on the Banks of River Sutlej under a Pipal tree in 1831. There were numerous boundary problems that were sorted between them this time thereby showing the world that they were not enemies.

Other keen sights
Tourists would also be interested in a visit to Gurudwara Bhatta Sahib which was built in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh. Jateshwar Mahadev Temple a very popular Shiv Mandir is located in the village of Jatwahr. Rupnagar has a lot to offer to the believers of Guru Gobind Singh, most of the places to visit revolve around him and his life.

Fairs and festivals
There are many festivals celebrated throughout the year which house numerous fairs. There are fairs which spread over a few days at a stretch. It is the best time to buy all that you want as everything is available at a lesser price. Most of these festivals are celebrated in honor of some of the historically significant events especially in the life of Guru Gobind Singh. People from around the world come to Rupnagar during this time to be a part of the fun and celebration.


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