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Sagardweep, the sacred island of Bengal
Introduction of the place named Sagardweep
Sagardweep is a small island located in West Bengal. This beautiful island is located 128km away from Kolkata. According to various records, it is found that this island had no trace of human civilization until 1822. After that, East India Company has decided to send five different families to this location from Arkan valley. After this incident, Sagardweep becomes an important place for the travelers. Being located on the conjunction point of River Ganga and Bay of Bengal, this site is considered as one of the pious place. For most of the travelers of different lands, this delta is known as Ganga sagar. Pilgrims from different lands come to this holy site to take a dip into the sacred water of River Ganga and Bay of Bengal in the Sankranti (end of year).
However, in bygone years, this island used to lack the trace of human civilization, but if you turn up the pages of epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, then you will come to see that this site used to be one of the most sacred part of India. In this particular area, River Ganga got united with Bay of Bengal. In mythological periods, this site was a popular place known for the Kapil Muni ashram.

Places of Interest in Sagardweep

    • Kapil Muni Temple-This sacred temple of Kapil Muni is located on the Sagar deep island and is dedicated to the memory of Sage Kapil Muni. He was one of the most legendary personalities in Indian mythology. According to the local people, the original temple of Kapil Muni was destroyed by natural calamities. After that, the former Chief Minister of Bengal was re constructed this temple in 1961. After that the entire construction of this temple was completed in 1973. This construction work is considered as the fourth construction work of this temple.

      Though all over the year, this temple is filled up with the crowed pilgrims and nature lovers of different lands. But most of the crowed of pilgrims can be seen in the sacred occasion of Makar Sankranti, that falls in middle of January month of every year. On that particular occasion, pilgrims, take a dip into the sacred water if the confluence of Bay of Bengal and River Ganga. According to mythological believes, it is said that taking a dip into this holy water means to remove all the sins and to get a blessing of a happy life. That time a Ganga sagar mela is arranged to celebrate this sacred time. This fair is considered as the largest fair in West Bengal.
    • Sagardweep Beach-This silver colored sea beach is one of the major attractions for the travelers. The calm surroundings of this beach bring a special feel to this religious site. From this beach travelers explore the dense forest of Sunderban.
    • Sagardweep Lighthouse- This lighthouse is located on the calm and silver beach of Sagardweep. This light house known as one of the major attractions for the travelers to offer a breathtaking view of Sunrise and Sunset.

Shopping in Sagardweep

    • Fish- As Sagardweep is located on the confluence of River Ganga and Bay of Bengal, so when you come to visit this site, will find a wide range of fishing arrangements. From here, you can buy some fresh fish.
    • Shell design- In this island of Bengal, you will find quite a number of stalls for selling various shell made jewelleries and home decors, you can also buy them in a nominal amount.


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