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Saputara – The Only Hill Station of Gujrat
Getting Familiar with the Region
Saputara is the only hill station of Gujrat and is located on a plateau in the midst of the Dang forest area in Sahyadri range. Saputara means “Abode of Serpents” and the hill station is named so because the local tribal's are great devotees of the Snake God. There is an image on the Snake God on the banks of River Sarpnaga which is worshipped with great reverence by the tribal's on festivals such as Holi. The best aspect of visiting Saputara is that despite being the only hill station in the state of Gujrat, and consequently being highly commercialized, its natural treasures are still unspoiled and well preserved. Perhaps that is why people visiting this hill station often feel like of going into the womb of nature.   

Prominent Tourist Attractions
The development of Saputara as a tourist destination was largely planned. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of a hill station and also enjoy the beauty and treasures of nature bestowed on this hill resort. Listed below are some of the major tourist spots in the region. 

Sunrise Point: The point is primarily known for offering a great view of the Saputara and Malegoan valley in the backdrop of the rising sun. To reach the Sunrise point, visitors need to walk for around 1.5 km in the direction of Waghai. Since the area is named such, people generally prefer to go to the Sunrise Point only in early morning.  However, visitors going to the place later in the day have discovered that it offers an extremely panoramic view of the adjoining hills and valleys all though the day. 

Gira Falls: This beautiful waterfall is located about 52 kms from Saputara town on a hilly region which is nearly 30 m high. The falls emerge from the Kapri Tributary, and drop down into River Ambica.  Given the number of tourists that visit these falls every year, a number of picnic huts have been erected in the vicinity of the falls along with various tea and snack shops. The best time for visiting this beautiful falls is between the months of June and November.

 Saputara Lake:This man-made lake located at a distance of 1.5 kms from Saputara, is a major picnic spot favored by both tourists and locals. Set amidst lush green environs, the lake offers is well known for its boating as well the multitude of children’s parks and playground located in its vicinity. There are also various boat clubs near the lake which enable tourists to enjoy row boating, paddle boating and even sail boating.

 Saputara Museum: This museum which is located in the heart of Saputara town and enables tourists to get a sneak peek into the everyday life of the tribal's living in the region. The museum was established with the aim of familiarizing the visitors with the life culture and tradition f the various tribal communities living in the region. Among the collections of the museum are things of everyday use such as utensils, clothes, traditional artifacts, house objects, ornaments, musical instruments and even the lifestyle of the tribal people. There are also various artifacts on display which are unique to the Dang tribe of Saputara.

Step Garden: This beautiful garden, built in steps, is located at a place which is 1.4 km away from Saputara. Each step is decorated with different types of flower pots and plants in the backdrop of beautiful woodwork.  The garden also features forest huts located in the centre where tourists can enjoy a comfortable stay. The best time to visit the garden is in the months of March and April and July and August.

Nageshwar Mahadev temple:  In Saputara there was a snake temple which is now replaced with the construction of Nageshwar Mahadev temple located in the south bank of Lake Saputara.

Pandava Gufa:  As per mythological storied the Pandavas of, Mahabharata spend some time in the Gufas of Saputara during hide out time in the forest region. They used to pray to Lord Shiva for power and safety. While visiting this Gufa in the way you will get to see the glimpses of several tribal villages of Saputara and also ruins of forts.


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