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Shaligram’ is a sacred stone, which is found deep in the bed of the Gandaki River, in the country of Nepal. It is considered personification of Lord Vishnu, most benevolent of Hindu Trinity. This peculiar stone is basically a fossil-stone, characterized by the presence of discus marks. These marks within the body of stone are caused by a very small insect called ‘Vajra-keeta’, which cuts through the stone to reside inside it. As per Hindu tradition and Vaishnavite belief, these discus marks in ‘Shaligram’ represent ‘Sudarshan Chakra’, divine weapon of Lord Vishnu.

Goddess Laxmi; the divine consort of Lord Vishnu blesses worshipper of ‘Shaligram’. This is the reason that he gets immense wealth, prosperity and good luck. Lord Vishnu grants tranquility, peace, contentment, and spiritual awareness to the person, who keeps ‘Shaligram’ and worships it regularly.

‘Shaligram’ not only relieves miseries of this life, but also alleviates effects of sins committed in the past lives Traditionally in India, worship of the  ‘Shaligram’ is a must in all the functions like entering into new house, Marriages, Naming Ceremony,  funeral rituals etc.

Detailed procedure and the entire required materials e.g. specific rosary (Mala), specific cloth, vermilion etc. for installing and worshipping ‘Shaligram’ and mantra specific to you, to be recited by you is sent by  ‘’® to you along with your ‘Shaligram’. If you require so, we energize and consecrate your ‘Shaligram’, before sending to you, as per your specific and precise objective.

We want to stress here that while other eBays, websites, companies and E-shops claim (and in rare cases actually do) to energize and program ‘Shaligram’, and pre-program for specific purpose(s). But  ‘’® not only energizes and pre-programs ‘Shaligram’ for specific purpose(s), but also specially programs the same for a specific individual or family, as may be the case.

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