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Shani  Mala / Rosary - 07 mm (MASN-001)

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Shani Mala / Rosary - 07 mm (MASN-001)

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Shani Mala/ Rosary is used to abolish sinful effects of Saturn. Shani Mala / Rosary have been proven useful during Sade-Sati or Saturn's transit as it eliminates all kinds of ill effects and thereby neutralizes its. The Mantras, when recited with Shani Rosary are more powerful than the God image. It protects from from evil eyes, ghostly effects, and black magic.

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Product Specification

PRODUCT Shani Mala / Rosary
WEIGHT 20 gm Approx
SIZE Length of Rosary - 37 cm (14.5"), Beads Size - 07 mm Approx

Product Description

Shani Mala/ Rosary is used to appease the Lord Shani Dev and to abolish sinful effects of Saturn. In Hindu religion, Shani dev have huge influence on our life. People devotedly offer worship to him in order to seek his kindness and remove Shani Dosh from their horoscopes.

Shani Mala / Rosary have been provenuseful during Saturn effects as it wards off the undesirable force and thereby neutralizes the evil effect. Shani Mala has spiritual benefits on its users; it helps them to succeed in life and brings worldly gains. The Mantras, when recited with the help of this Mala are more powerful than the image of the God. The Vedic Mantra is like the mind consciousness whereas the Mala/Rosary is the form of the deity.

How to Use Shani Mala?

To calm down the bad effects of the planet in the horoscope chart, one must chant the following mantra (one mala) 108 times every day:

‘Om Praam Preem Praum Sah: Shanaishchray Namah’

Shani Mala / Rosary works as a nature's antenna that draws cosmic energy and brings good prosperity, harmony, fortune,  success, peace and many more profits into the lives of the users.  The step of wearing, enacting, depicting and/or concentrating on a Shani Mala/ Rosary is held to have astrological, spiritual or magical benefits in the Indian religions.

  • Always pray after having a bath and washing your body.
  • Shani Mala / Rosary must be kept very clean and holy at regular intervals.
  • Offer incense and sandalwood paste.
  • Recite the Shani Beej Mantra in front of the God for 108 times
  • Light a Diya in front of the Image.

Shani Mala benefits to the users:

  • Shani Mala benefits to the lives who want to succeed in their career.
  • Shani Mala removes the effects of Sade-Sati or Saturn affecting their birth charts
  • Shani Mala is useful for Businessmen and Tradesmen who want to expand their business.
  • Shani Mala is useful for those people who are suffering from depression
  • Shani Mala neutralizes or removes the bad effect of Shani Graha issues.
  • Shani Mala protects from evil spirits, ghosts and black magic.
  • Shani Mala provides the wearer security, safety and riches and self-power.

Shani Mala affects the entire physical and psychological neurophysiology regarding malefic effects of Saturn which are colic pain, weakness, pain in bone and muscles, long term disease, paralysis, impotency, hopelessness and worries.  ‘’ deals with 100% genuine Shani Mala / Rosary and energizes it with Vedic chants, before offering it to the Customers.


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